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I forgot what beef was supposed to taste like!
By: Sue Wilson    (Aug 30, 2010)

I ran into the Keller Farmers Mkt with only 3 minutes left before they closed. I'm so glad they took the time to tell me about their products. I tried the tenderized steak and quarter chicken legs. Generally it takes lots of seasoning and sauces, slow cooking, and imagination to get the meat tasty. However, with just a little dip in milk and dredge with flour, salt & pepper, browning and pop into the oven. I had the most yummy chicken fried steak ever. Its been years since we've had this quality and flavor of beef.. Our little 5 year old granddaughter insisted she wanted chicken fried steak for breakfast the next morning!

The chicken was equally as good. I put it on the grill with a little wing sauce to get the flavor started and then into the oven for a few minutes. Wonderful, and there were no left overs!

We will definately be buying again! Thx guys, Sue

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Delicious Hamburgers!!
By: Kristina Freeland    (May 21, 2010)

We had the pleasure of meeting Matt at the local Keller Farmer's Market a few weeks ago. We were getting ready to have a big celebration at our house and needed enough hamburger to feed about 40 people. Matt was more than accommodating. He worked hard to keep me in my budget and ended up being more generous with the amount of beef he gave us than I anticipated. He was very easy to work with and his outstanding character made buying from him a secure choice.

Now, here comes the part about the quality of the meat. INCREDIBLE!! We had several people comment on how delicious the hamburgers were and they were shocked to hear that the only thing we had seasoned them with was a little Lawry's salt. In addition to the rave reviews by the guests, my 2 year old son (who is a big food critic and very picky about meat) gobbled up these hamburgers!

Thank you, Genesis Beef, for making our party a delicious success! It was an amazing feeling to be able to feed our guests natural, hormone-free, grass-fed beef. We are going to be trying Genesis Beef's sirloin this weekend and I have absolute faith it's going to be mouth-watering.

BUY THIS BEEF!!! You won't be disappointed.

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