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1st time CSA member
By: Judith Lobo    (Jan 24, 2013)

I have been contemplating joining a CSA for years but have somehow not done it . I finally joined Bob's fresh and Local as his cost was unbeatable( almost compares to my weekly grocery bill at the conventional grocery store). This was the primary reason i had not taken the plunge. Pick up locations and times were just perfect and not to mention the bounty of organic food you get. I am thankful as now I will be able to feed my family healthy organic food and not shell out half our paycheck for it. Thank's everyone at Bob's fresh & local.

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Bob's Fresh and Local--a fabulous CSA
By: Julie Stiegemeyer    (Jan 24, 2013)

It's through Bob's Fresh and Local that I fell in love in the CSA experience. His produce is fresh, delicious, and he provides a wonderful newsletter along with the great food.

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Bob's Fresh and Local
By: Eva Price    (Nov 16, 2011)

In general, the concept of a CSA is such a wonderful thing! Supporting a local farmer and getting back the "fruits" of their labor! This was my first year, after enjoying the produce I picked up at the farmstand , it was an easy decision! Loved the variety of produce and the fact that I was unfamiliar with some of it made me challenge myself ! I agree with the newsletters being a great source of recipes and the feeling that you are truly a part of the experience - we saw the weather in a whole new light! It is obvious how much effort Bob puts into creating a good relationship with the CSA members and respecting their input. It was like opening a gift every time I would open a box - watching the season unfold in my own kitchen! Such a great experience - would recommend it to everyone! Also, love the fact that the produce is pesticide free and already washed!

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First time CSA subscriber - Very Happy with Bob's!
By:    (Nov 16, 2011)

I found Bob's fresh & local from this Local Harvest website back in April while looking for places for fresh eggs. After reading what a CSA was, my husband and I were excited to try it out! We got in in time for the 2011 growing season for Bob's and boy were we thrilled with the quality, variety, and quantity of the crops he produced!

Bob is very responsive, puts out a nice newsletter every week before delivery so that you can anticipate the new produce and look up recipes for them! We considered ourselves healthy eaters in vegies and fruits, but Bob introduced us to a whole bunch of new crops like Boy Choi, Canary melon, popcorn on the cob.

We're certainly joining again for 2012!

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What a great experience!
By:    (Nov 16, 2011)

This was my first year as a CSA shareholder, and Bob's Fresh & Local made it a true joy! The produce was beautiful, abundant, and often surprising (like the pop corn that came in the last box - super fun and delicious!).

I loved getting a wide variety of produce in each box, some of which I'd never seen or prepared before (ie, celeriac or kale). I've added several new items to my cooking repertoire as a result!

Bob sends a newsletter (including recipes) ahead of each box so you know what's coming. The newsletters not only inform shareholders about life on the farm or the state of the crops, but they enable us to get to know a bit about Bob and his family, creating a relationship between Bob and the shareholders.

In keeping with his "community" attitude toward his shareholders, Bob is easily reachable. If I had a question about something in my box (how do I store it? how long does it keep? etc.) I could easily get it answered via email or his Facebook page.

The decision to join a CSA was an easy one, as I truly believe in supporting our local farmers and respect the work that goes into getting the food from their fields to my table. Bob made it a a great experience overall by delivering wonderful produce and fostering communicative, mutually-beneficial relationships between he and his shareholders.

I highly recommend Bob's Fresh & Local! 5-stars!

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How I fell in love with CSA!
By: Victoria Fisher    (Mar 7, 2011)

My first CSA experience was 2010, and I fell madly in love the first pick up! I could smell the fresh produce as I walked up to the box! And the ride home was amazing! The newsletter is great - I love seeing what will be in the box that week. And the recipes for the less common veggies were great and easy to make! I have already signed up for 2011 and can not wait! Can't wait to see the fruit option this year!

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By: Anonymous    (Aug 17, 2010)

Add me to your listed of devoted.

The box pick up was easy (thanks to your great instructions).

And the contents were so beautiful that I had to take photos of it all unpacked on my kitchen counter.

Last night I made a kohlrabi/ham casserole that my teen son completely devoured. I had never even touched one before.

Everything else was fresh, fragrant & delicious.

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