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Well worth the trip
By: Barbara Cotter    (Apr 19, 2011)

I live in Mineral Bluff - about 50 minutes from Suzie's farm store - but I make the trip every week - sometimes just for milk and eggs - and to talk to Suzie. The meat is absolutely the best you can buy! Always trimmed, lean. The bacon is remarkable. I take it to family members in North Carolina and Decatur, GA when I visit them. I'm thinking of taking something up to my fam in Maryland in May. If I could take it to AZ with me, when I visit fam out there,I would. If there were a 10+++ rating out of 10, that's what this farm should get!

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A little piece of heaven
By: Darlene Franco    (Nov 20, 2010)

I love Suzy, Mountain Valley Farm, and all their products. I started out looking for a raw milk source, and ended up with a wonderful resource for grassfed beef and pork as well.

I told Suzy - she's ruined us on storebought meat, and we'll never go back. If you've never had pastured bacon, oh-my-word. It is heavenly! My kids love the raw milk and that's all we stock at our house now. THANKS SUZY!!!

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Great Farm!
By: Shelli Mcclannahan    (Oct 25, 2010)

I have been emailing Suzy back and forth for awhile now and just have not made the effort to make the drive. SO glad I did. She is the nicest lady you will meet. She took plenty of time to show us all of her product and explain the differences, we did not feel rushed, the farm is beautiful. I will be going here for a very long time. This will be where my family gets our meet from now on!!

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Exceptional Bacon and Beef
By: Elaine Carey-Goble ~ Mountain View Farms    (Aug 3, 2010)

I met Suzy at the Jasper Farmer's Market where I am also a regular vendor and after talking with her several times and learning about her farm and their natural and humane farming methods I have been using her thick-sliced bacon and beef roasts on a regular basis and love the taste and quality. My husband and I buy local produce whenever possible and now we have a great local source for grass fed/antibiotic free meat as well. We highly recommend Mountain Valley Farm meat products. As soon as the mkt season is over for the year at the end of October and I'm not spending all my time making natural skin and body care products to sell I will be buying her raw cow milk too so I can practice making homemade cheeses. Elaine Carey-Goble Mountain View Farms and Nature's Essence Skincare

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Best meats anywhere
By: Martela White    (Jul 9, 2010)

We have been shopping with Suzy for a while now, and can't recommend her meats enough. The hot sausage is superb, and the hamburger meat makes patties so lean you have to oil the pan a bit to keep them from sticking. Definitely worth the drive! Do try the products from this farm, you won't regret it!!!

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Great Raw Milk, love this farm!
By: Martela White    (May 18, 2010)

We met Suzy at the Jasper Farmer's Market - she's a super nice lady. When we went to pick up our order, we were very impressed with how healthy and happy the cows looked, as well as tremendously impressed with how clean the milk storage area and pick up area were. We highly recommend this farm!!!

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Great milk and service!
By: tami mason    (May 15, 2010)

Mountain Valley Farm is fantastic! The fresh milk is wonderful and Suzi is a delight! The farm is beautiful in the north Georgia mountains with happy cows grazing in lush green pastures! If you are looking for fresh whole milk this is the place to visit!

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Great Raw Milk
By: Pam Willes    (May 13, 2010)

I Love the fresh taste of raw milk (so do my pets) and this farms milk is just that, exceptional. The cows look clean and they have wide open pastures to graze in. Suzy is delightful and, by all accounts, her husband loves and is dedicated to the business of dairy cows.

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