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By: anna hohl    (Mar 19, 2013)

We trusted this farm with a large deposit. They failed to deliver any food and it took 9 months to get even a partial refund. We have finally given up. They do not answer their phones or return emails. We have been nothing but polite and patient with them and they continually make excuses as to why they can not refund our money when the issue was 100% their fault. Do not trust this farm!

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Vernie DeMille says:    (Jun 25, 2013)

The farm contract which our former member signed stated clearly that the money she deposited was "non-refundable" since this money went immediately into raising the food that she requested. We made three deliveries free of charge to this farm member and had to make the difficult decision to discontinue all delivery service (which was NOT a part of her contract) because of the debilitating cost of it. This was the ONLY change to our program. We raised pasture raised meat, dairy products, eggs and delicious vegetables for this farm member who refused to receive them in any way even though she was invited to come get them on the farm or have them delivered in one lump sum multiple times. Her meat is in our freezer, delicious real milk, and pasture fresh eggs are in the cooler, she can come get them anytime she'd like. The only reason she does not have what she requested is because she refuses to take what she paid for. That has been 100% her decision.