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Terrific Beef
By: Mary McCleary    (Aug 1, 2010)

I've enjoyed the Clark family's fresh produce stand for years so I was anxious to try the beef. It is juicy and delicious. Although leaner than corn-fed beef, it is very tender. The instruction sheet is very helpful in explaining the differences in cooking technique and timing. It is so tender it cooks very quickly at a lower heat. There was no fat or waste on my steaks. For those of us trying to follow a heart-healthy diet, this is an absolute gift: lean, juicy, tender, and fabulous "meaty" taste.

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The way to go!
By: Monica Metzger    (Jul 6, 2010)

I was delighted to try Clark's Never Sell The Land Farm's newest product, Grass-Fed Beef. I purchased two lbs. of the ground beef, for our Fourth of July cookout, and even picked up some fantastic recipes and information. - My guests and I were extreamly pleased! An incredible flavor and a treat! - And especially appreciated by my guests who only eat organic foods. I will definitely be back for more! - I plan to try the other cuts of meat offered, along with the best sweet corn around! Martha Clark and her family have done an incredible job, not only preserving the land and sharing it with all of us, but also offering an incredible product that should not be missed! So many of us want to support our local farmers, well Clark's Never Sell The Land Farm is definitely the way to go! I look forward to my next visit!

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Look No Further for Healthy Beef
By: Leslie Franson    (Jun 17, 2010)

For several years I have been going far afield to find grass fed, hormone free beef. I was thrilled to learn just last week that I can get this at Clark's Never Sell The Land Farm, which is five minutes from my home!

The people at Clark's are so friendly and helpful. When you go for the first time, they will give you an insulated tote bag for your beef, and every time you bring it back they will give you 10% off the cost of your next purchase.

I purchased the ground beef and the chuck roast, and both were so tender, juicy and delicious that I went back a few days later for some of their steaks. They have quite a variety of cuts, from roasts to steaks to ground beef. They come frozen, so you need to plan ahead to allow a day to defrost in your refrigerator, unless you want to defrost in the microwave.

On my last trip there I also came home with some of their delicious fresh-picked raspberries!

I love giving my support to local farms and farmers, and am so glad that I now have that opportunity right here in Ellicott City. I am told that they will also be selling home-grown lamb in the future.

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What a great steak!
By: Yvonne Erickson    (Jun 17, 2010)

I live off 108 and finally went by the farm and picked out 2 different cuts of beef from the deep freeze. Defrosted it in a cool water bath with a bit of running water. Wasn't prepared for the flavor. Wow! Such a delicate taste grass-fed beef has. I had seasoned it slighty and then grilled it to pink perfection over the barbecue grill. Oh, my. Really could taste the freshness. And I had mid-westerners visiting and they agreed. Certainly worth the cost. You won't waste a morsil. Very lean.

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Where's the GREAT beef?
By: sheila dwyer    (Jun 11, 2010)

Are you looking for meat that actually tastes fresh and meaty? Well, here's the place to get it. I had never eaten grass fed beef prior to cooking a sirloin steak from Clark's Never Sell the Land Farm and boy, was it a treat. Juicy, easy to cook, beautiful color... we thoroughly enjoyed it and YOU will too! Check it out! There are lots of cuts to choose from, so the possibilities are endless. I especially liked supporting a local farmer who is preserving the land. Easy to get to, right on route 108. Just look for the Enchanted castle.

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