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Daughter loves the eggs.
By: Joseph Lofthouse    (Oct 7, 2010)

The first time my daughter tasted these eggs she squealed with delight. The yolks are richly colored and great tasting. They were the first farm raised eggs she'd ever eaten and she was thrilled. The bridge to the chicken coop sure is scary though.

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Melissa Prosser says:    (Feb 13, 2011)

Ok, reading this comment made my day more than you know! What a nice surprise for logging in. Thanks so much for the kind words and the laugh. Hope you are able to summon the courage to brave the scary bridge again soon. We still owe you a T-shirt once advertising funds are available again. The chickens so appreciated all the treats from your CSA garden this past year, and so did we. Look forward to seeing what you grow this season!