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Best grass fed beef on the market
By: Jeffrey Meyer    (Jul 8, 2010)

Wow! is the best way to describe this beef. the first time i tried this beef was when i was passing through san luis obisbo county and stopped by the local farmers market i go to farmers markets all the time but you dont see a lot of meat being sold to take home and make yourself so like always i had to try it . when i took it down to a friends house we made it into hamburgers i made enouph for about six of my friends without telling them it was grass fed first and everyone was saying they loved the burgers and i only used simple spices and breadcrumbs. besides my friends all enjoying the burgers they asked for my recipe and thats when i told them it was grass fed beef i was able to trace the packaging back to and ive been ordering it ever since. It also never sits odd or badly in your stomach it digests a lot better as well. i also swear it helps you loose wieght especially if you eat beef multiple times a week like me because thiers no hormones in it and its super lean i swear its a miracle beef. Thanx Johansing Farms!!

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