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Looking for a Maringa tree
By:    (Nov 2, 2014)

I am looking to buy a Maringa tree" is there any one who can tell me where because I have been looking at many places without success. Please reply to me at

Thank you Andre

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Pepe's is the best!
By: Diane Walker    (Feb 4, 2014)

I purchased several trees from Pepe and was amazed at how much time he spent educating my husband and I about those and others in his nursery.

Also impressive was the special treatment I received in his secretive delivery of a Mamey tree to surprise my husband on his birthday. To assure the surprise, he called a few blocks from the house to be sure the coast was clear!

Pepe is remarkable for his knowledge and personable service and quality plants. For these reasons I will only purchase trees from him.

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Great Customer Service!
By: Shannon Youngs    (Feb 3, 2014)

I was looking for berry bushes for my yard in Orlando, FL and heard of Pepe's Plants at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market in south FL. I ended up not getting the berry trees I was looking for, but I am very excited to get Ruby Guava tree and Loquot tree. I needed another tree like a hole in the head, but they were that pretty! I also got some free seeds and a prickly pear cactus cutting!

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Will ONLY buy trees from here
By: Stephanie Colas-Salgado    (Jan 25, 2014)

Pepe is AWESOME!!!!! He is so helpful with my many many many and more many questions I had about planting my trees and caring for them. All the trees were at a great price. I purchased about 10 different types of trees are they are all a little over a year old and produce ALOT of fruit. SO much I some times feel a little overwhelmed but am LOVING it. The other products he sells are also very helpful. I am very grateful for Pepe and will only recommend him to anyone buying a fruit tree!!! I will only buy future trees from him.

He provides awesome service and has an amazing variety.

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Awesome and friendly service.
By: Steven Dennison    (Nov 19, 2013)

This guy is extremely helpful, caring and really knows his stuff! I cannot say enough good things about Jason and his company. If you buy from him you can expect the very best. If you have any problems he is always willing to help or answer any questions you may have. He writes back within the same day too. You really cannot go wrong buying from them. Very personable and his mission is to please the customer. I just want to give a big thanks! Looking forward to buying from him again someday.

Steve Dennison (Hobe Sound)

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Pepe's the Man
By: Randy Snyder    (Oct 14, 2013)

I came from Detroit to Naples hoping to find the soursop fruit and had minimal information regarding how and where it might be available so I drove to and contacted Pepe in Hollywood at his Farmer's Market booth (#19) for help. I got way more than I expected. He is extemely knowledgeable about every aspect of growing the trees, the fruit, where to find it, and went far out of his way to help me in my search. I did find as much as I could carry back with me and want to highly recommend him to anyone seeking an honest, friendly, respectful and professional expert in this field. You won't go wrong and it's well worth the trouble to go there and meet this great guy. Randy M. Snyder

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High quality plants and customer service
By: Miguel P..    (Oct 4, 2013)

When I first shopped at Pepe's I must admit I had minimal knowledge/interest in the art/science of plants. My first visit to Pepe's was in search for a miracle fruit tree. I had seen the tree on a tv show years before and was in search for one since. Pepe was very informative and highly knowledgeable with the species. He was also very honest and upfront about how difficult it would be to care for this tree. I bit the bullet and got myself two trees. 6 months later and a few follow up trouble shooting calls to Pepe's have yielded healthy plants. I have also bought a number of other fruit trees from him with similar success. I would highly recommend buying from Pepe's. You may get some plants at the big box stores for same/cheaper and some you wont find anywhere else but here. i can attest most of those cheaper plants are not as healthy as the ones you'll get here and you'll certainly not get the quality customer service. As a side note i would highly recommend the worm casting they sell. Really makes s difference when you make compost tea with it.

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By: hamlet thervil    (Sep 20, 2013)

pepe the organic thrive is magic ....

a few days ago, I used it and I start seeing results especially with my soar soup tree. Now leaves start coming out . I really recommend his product.

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