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Quality for your food dollar
By: Jennifer Quinn    (Jun 16, 2011)

Our family feels that the higher up the food chain our food is, the more important it is to be "clean". So, even though we live on one income, we purchase grass-fed beef and truly free-range chickens. Purchasing from Benne's Best Meat is one of the best uses of our food dollars we can make. We use their ground beef and whole chickens. Yum, yum, yum!!!! I challenge any family, regardless of income, to set aside a bit of their food budget to purchase quality meats from Benne's Best Meat. You won't regret it! As a bonus, you get to visit one of the prettiest farms you'll ever see. Idyllic pond, rolling hills, rustic barn... you get the idea.

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Bennes Meat
By: jane hancock    (Dec 31, 2010)

Over the holiday we were in a bind to find something everyone could eat. Our daughter is a new vegetarian and our other children eat mostly vegetarian but are willing to eat "happy" meat. They offered to buy a pork loin from Bennes and I prepared it for multi generation group. Everyone agreed that it was a delicious meal. The pork was the best I ever had. This has completely spoiled me. I can't believe I have driven by your sign for years and never stopped in. Look out, I'll be there soon.

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The real deal
By:    (Jan 31, 2010)

I feel so, so lucky to have the Benne's close by. If you shop here, not only will you savor the fabulously delicious eggs and meat, but you will be supporting a part of American culture that is being edged out in the name of cheap, fast, tasteless, cruel, industrialized "food". Also, Jolene and Ron are such nice people!

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I totally agree
By:    (Jul 2, 2008)

It's so great to support local growers, especially when their products are so fresh and delicious! I'm so glad I live close enough to shop there at will!

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Benne's is the best
By: Barb Willis Brown    (Jun 30, 2008)

To add a note to the other review posted before mine. Bring egg cartons--it recycles them and helps the farm have containers. For those who are old enough to have had a farmer in the family--if you remember as a child eating meat on the farm, you are going to love Benne's meats. The eggs are FRESH--I enjoyed seeing the chickens follow Jolene around to come up to the stand when we drove up. They are free-range, and able to move around. This is what our food should look like, and taste like!

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Benne's Best - Convenient, Friendly, Reasonably Priced!
By: Mary Beth    (Jun 17, 2008)

I've lived in St. Charles for many years, and always noticed the "EGGS" sign on South 94, but never explored it any further until I noticed an article on Benne's Best in the local Healthy Planet publication a few years back. I've been buying some of the most fresh, flavorful, SAFE meat, poultry & eggs available ever since. It truly is a kick to drive up into their yard and see all the chickens running around the place, the cows up to their tails in the pond. Ron & Jolene are always very welcoming and pleasant to deal with. If it's strictly eggs you're looking for, I'd recommend calling ahead to be sure they have plenty on hand. I think Jolene increased the flock a bit this year because the word has definitely gotten out about Benne's beautiful eggs. Their organic beef is tender and has a wonderful flavor. When I brown Benne's ground beef in a skillet, it smells like BEEF I don't know about you, but some of the stuff I've bought at the grocery store actually smells like feces while it's cooking. YUCK! SO ... try Benne's Best ... you'll love it.

An extremely satisfied customer

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