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This Should be a Staple in Everyone's Pantry
By: T.V.    (Feb 14, 2011)


I opened my shiipment and it smelled fantastic. Seriously. This Italian Seasoning is superior to any store blend I have ever bought. It is fragrant and tastes great.

The 1/2 ounce bag goes a long way. I bought the small bag to "just try it". It was so worth it. Can't wait to get more.

This made my marinara sauce even better and a little sprinkle gave my steamed vegies "dimmension".

I'm going to sprinkle this on my next batch of garlic bread. My mouth is watering already :)

By the way this seller keeps her word...she shipped this lightning fast.

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Impressive Dinner with Little Effort
By: T.V.    (Feb 14, 2011)

The 1/2 marinade packs a lot of flavour. It was so easy-no measuring. I simply added to packet to my fish and let it sit in the fridge for 30 min. Cooked it and it was super tasty.

This packet goes a long ways. I used it for 8 fish fillets and simply added a little olive oil to rub it on.

I ordered this along with other herbs and was so impressed with the prompt shipment.

Great Value & Excellent Product.

Looking forward to buying again :)

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Elaynn McGuffrey says:    (Jan 16, 2012)

Thanks very much, T.V! Elaynn

Delicious & Great Value
By: T.V.    (Feb 14, 2011)

My shipment included The Chocolate Mint and I was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly it arrived and how delicious it smells/tastes.

So far I have infused it for a yummy cup of tea, savored it straight from the bag for refreshing breath (with out the sugar and calories of mints), and crumbled it over a salad. It's delicious.

I look forward to using it for can be added to any cake or brownie recipe. Super yum!

Oh, and the 1 oz baggie is a generous amount. I would definitely buy from this seller again. Excellent product & easy transaction. Great Seller!

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The Best
By: jeanne thornton    (Jan 1, 2011)

Thanks again Elyanna for all your help! I am enjoying the rose oil so much, it really smells wonderful! The various teas are so fargrent and last so long. Your included instructions are very helpful, I would never have known to care for my teas this way. Your Loyal friend and customer Jeanne

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Wow, I'm 1st! You must get your herbs here!
By: Orianne Gibser    (Oct 5, 2010)

I think more and more of us are going back to natural cures and we should, that other stuff is bad for us! I'm a huge fan of lemongrass. I love the smell, it helps so many things. If you try only one herb try lemongrass. I suffer from migraines, Elaynn's mix helps! My daughter is also VERY green. Nothing is allowed to be smashed in our house, not even a spider. Thanks Elaynn for the bug be gone natural stuff. Daughter approves!

I will be back to shop here again. I suggest everyone else do the same. And come on, let's leave Elaynn some LOVE!! She's awesome because she can grow and blend stuff I wish I could. Thanks Elaynn, I will be back!

:) Ori

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Elaynn McGuffrey says:    (Oct 6, 2010)

Thank you ! Ori! for you ohhh so kind words! I DO appreciate it! I love herbs and I love working with them and I also LOVE it when my customers are satisfied and tell me! Thank you again! And do come back as I have lots of items I'm sure you will love to try! Elaynn