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Tomato Seeds
By: Peggy Uecker Beauvais    (Mar 30, 2013)

I ordered 3 different types of tomato seeds and they all germinated within 3 - 5 days. This is the first time I have ever had seeds germinate so quickly. I cannot wait to plant my squash seeds in a few weeks. My Dad was born in Fullerton 105 yrs ago and it is great to be able to support a farming industry such as Praire Roads there.

Thanks for such a high quality of seeds! Definately 5 Stars**

Peggy Uecker Beauvais

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Best squash ever!!
By: Catherine Scheibe    (Jan 18, 2013)

I am fortunate to live very close to this farm and for several years been able to buy a very limited number of these squash directly from the Podolls. I have taken them, in my suitcase, to several family celebrations including, New York, Germany and Oregon. Last year I took two of them to Eugene, OR, where after the Christmas dinner, the seed was saved and then planted. This New Year's day the menu at my son's house included a heritage turkey slowly grilled on a Weber grill with the squash on the same grill. The smokey flavor added another dimension to this wonderfully sweet family favorite. It's hands down the best squash I've ever eaten.

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Beautiful farm, healthy crops from hearty seeds
By: Melinda Hemmelgarn    (Oct 14, 2012)

Prairie Road Organic Seed Farmers understand the importance of farming organically -- to be "a part of nature, rather than apart from it." They are dedicated to their land, crops and seed, and recognize the resilient value of biodiversity. When asked why Theresa raises seeds, she says: "What else can I do with my hands that could be more fulfilling?"

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