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Just Ducky Duck Eggs!
By: Lana Cantrell    (Sep 28, 2013)

This was my first time eating duck eggs and I have to say it has been wonderful! Why has civilization raised chickens for eggs when duck eggs are far superior in nutrition and taste? The eggs were packaged, like the precious gems they are, and arrived in excellent condition. I couldn't be more pleased! I will be ordering again!

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Decent quality, could improve
By: ANDREA J. JUST    (Jan 8, 2013)

I received 2 cups persimmon pulp in unlabeled zip top bags. There was a blue gel cold pack and it was still slightly chilled, perhaps because it was December in Chicago. My persimmon pudding came out great and it was my first time ever attempting to make it. Although I didn't measure, it looked like more than 2 cups of pulp - thanks for the bonus! I ordered some blackberry preserves, I think... With NO LABELS and NO PACKING LIST and a poor memory, I was left to guess what it was. It's definitely not jam or jelly. It's kinda sour with tons of bitter, crunchy, stick in your teeth seeds. Yuck. If it was tasty or if I had gifted it, you may have gotten a re-order if only it was labeled. My recommendations: label your products, include a packing list and consider including recipes. Happy customers place more orders.

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Persimmon Pulp
By: Mary Guillory    (Dec 26, 2012)

I ordered persimmon pulp for a christmas dish and it did arrive on time shipped 12/17 and arrived on 12/22 but it was spoiled. I was so disappointed! I thought it would have shipped overnight! No way it could have lasted 5 days with just frozen gel bags!

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lovely eggs!
By: Laurie Weakley    (Jun 24, 2012)

The duck eggs arrived in great condition. Carefully packed, shipped promptly and very easy to communicate with farm with minor questions.

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Fresh !
By: Tracey Riedstra    (May 1, 2012)

This will be my second time buying duck eggs from here. They were packaged very well & the eggs super fresh.

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