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Cheyenne's Country Thangs
By: bradford ramge    (Aug 16, 2011)

Sequestered in a quiet wooded corner of Lutz rests a real jewel for those that can't live without their organic foods. Cheyenne's Country Thangs is a farmer's market unlike any other. The produce is fresh, inexpensive, unpretentiously presented, and bountiful. They even sell potted herbs, plants, steaks, chicken, cheeses, and other food stuffs galore. If you bring your own reusable bag, you get a bonus piece of fruit (score!). But what really makes this place special are the people that work there. Lisa, the lady in charge, is an incredibly bubbly down home mama, that dolls out treats like delicious home made ice cream to people as they walk in the door. Kids run around, helping to keep the operation running smoothly. One really gets a sense that those putting on this little operation are doing it for love. There's a lot of heart in this place. It's little places like this that help define a community. It's little places like this that are invaluable. I wish there were more little places like this one, but I doubt that any other would match it's spirit.

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Happy to find a Co-op for ALL seaons.
By: Beverly B.    (Aug 16, 2011)

Lisa & Darrell are there working hard every weekend to bring certified organic food to members and the public. We enjoy going every week and they have really helped fill in the gaps for us, being members of other co-ops Nov-May. We were happy to find them this year and they have so much to offer. Lisa is always enthusiastic,sharing recipes, and very well rounded in terms of their variety. I love that they have cheese, and the meat eaters will appreciate their grass fed products. If you're looking to get an herb or pepper plant started, they can help you out as well. I'll be taking Lisa's gardening class at the end of the month AND taking them up on their "garden service" where they will come to our house this fall and help us set up our first raised bed vegetable garden. Not only lots to source from Cheyennes, but lots to learn too!

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Freshness and variety
By: Cynthia Moody    (Aug 16, 2011)

At Cheyenne's, they really strive to have a great array of fruits and vegetables. They also have other organic products such as milk, cheese and meat. Everything is fresh and delicious! It is worth the drive!

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The Best Co-Op
By: george besse    (Aug 16, 2011)

What a great Co-Op to find. The owners are some of the nicest people you will meet and will answer any questions you have. Before joining I had the idea that more money would be spent but just the opposite. My food bill has gone down since joining because I eat ALL of the fruits and veggies I get at the Co-Op. You will not be disappointed.

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Cheyenne's Country Thangs
By: Lesley Messer    (Aug 15, 2011)

I have been a co-op member since the beginning. I have been very pleased with the produce and the service. We are always greeted by name with a smile. If you are looking for an organic co-op in the area you should be sure to check them out!

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By: Janie James    (Aug 15, 2011)

I have NEVER gotten excited over a CO-OP like this one. All fresh, natural, and organic produce that is beautiful as well as delicious. I like the options to pick your own choices. All the meats and medleys and spices are wonderful, also, each week. Lisa's desserts are just spetacular and I look forward to them each week as well as her recipes. Lisa and Darell just go out of their way to satisfy you and their customer service -- all I can say is - you will NEVER find better! This is definitely a 5 - star rating!!!

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Fun, fun, fun
By: sally tyler    (Aug 14, 2011)

What a great new experience my family and I are having coming out to Lisa's Country Thangs each week. I really look forward to seeing what produce is available and if Lisa has baked one of those marvelous cobblers with the special white topping. I cannot figure out how she makes it but it sends me over the moon. My husband had a fit over the collard greens I fixed last week and the pickled red beets I fixed(Lisa's recipe)..Thanks to Lisa and Daryll for the new knowledge, enthusiasm, eats and fun. Sally Tyler

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Great Co-op!
By: Casey Parker    (Aug 10, 2011)

Excellent quality, selection and especially service!! I have been a member of numerous co-ops in the past, but none compare. I love the focus on local products, and the freedom I have to choose what produce I take home each week. I also appreciate the opportunity to get "staple" items that may not be in season locally.

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