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By: Jessie Davidson    (Apr 19, 2011)

The two dozen eggs I purchased were neither tasty nor fresh. I have had better eggs from our Jewel. Such a disappointment!

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Jennifer Neff says:    (Apr 26, 2011)

Our eggs are absolutely fresh and were laid and packaged 2 days before you picked them up. The reason this person thinks they are not fresh is that they are used to the commercial eggs sold in stores. Fresh eggs have a very distinct taste that all people are not accustomed to. If the freshness test is done on our eggs people will see that they are fresh. To test any egg place it in a bowl of water if it lays sideways on the bottom it is 100% fresh.

Bobbi Schultz says:    (Feb 17, 2013)

Shame on you Jesse Davidson. You deserve the crap factory farm eggs from jewel. I would not sell you fresh eggs for $50.00 a dozen with your rudenes to someone nice enough to even sell you their "prized" fresh eggs. Enjoy your Jewel crap.