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Turkey at its best in Wayne County, NY !
By: Jerry Oakley    (Dec 10, 2011)

I purchased a turkey from Burl Creek Farms which was fantastic. Everyone raved at the taste, consistency and texture of the meat and the unbelievable flavor of fresh turkey !.. I was also very impressed with the farm, the processing and prep of the turkeys and the family operation in general. A sure buy for me for next year ! J.O.

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Wonderful family, wonderful food
By: Shelly Thomas    (Nov 28, 2011)

This was our first Thanksgiving ordering a turkey from Burl Creek Farms. After watching numerous documentaries on eating locally, knowing the source of our food and leaving less of an imprint on the earth when choosing our food, we decided to purchase a turkey from Mark and Rachel. Dealing with the Burleys was delightful - such wonderful people. On pickup day, the family offered to give us a tour of the farm on their horse-drawn wagon. It was wonderful seeing the farm and how naturally and organically their animals are raised. To be honest, we were apprehensive about the taste of the turkey - would it be as juicy as the hormone-pumped, commercialized turkeys from the local grocery chain? It was BETTER!!! Everyone raved about the taste and tenderness of the turkey and it provided more than enough meat for our large gathering. We'll be eating it for days! And, we will be returning to Burl Creek Farms in the future! Thank you Burley family!

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First Rate Farm
By: Sam Mason    (Oct 17, 2011)

I first approached the Burleys at Burl Creek Farm last fall to order a local turkey for Thanksgiving. At the time I was living in the city with my wife and 3 year old daughter, and I was looking for the opportunity to visit farms and introduce my daughter to where her food comes from. What made the Turkey experience so memorable was the farm visit on pick up day. The farm was very open and welcoming, we hopped right onto a hay cart pulled behind a gorgeous horse. We took a tour of the acreage and were entertained by the Burley's insightful and precocious youngsters. The turkeys where beautiful, skin brilliant white and freshly scrubbed from the day before. I did take home the fresh liver and can attest to the health of the bird! The roasted Turkey come Thanksgiving was as delicious as it was beautiful. Do well cared for turkeys taste better? I certainly came to the conclusion that they do.

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