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Love my chicken
By: Wendy Wayt    (Jan 13, 2012)

Travis and Mandy are the nicest people, and their chickens taste great! I buy whole chickens and make broth from the bones. I buy organs for my cats. Go local! Eat healthy and support your local producers!

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Calling all broth lovers
By:    (Jan 5, 2012)

These chickens make the BEST bone broth and chicken soup on the planet! Wonderful, thick broth with lots of good gelatin.

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Best chicken, nicest farmers!
By: Monica Urey    (Dec 31, 2011)

We have bought chicken from several farms here in San Antonio but Green Hills is the best! We have picked up at one of several of their drop locations and also driven out to the farm for fresh birds. The chickens are consistently good and taste great! And Travis and Mandy are incredibly nice and helpful! They even gave us a mini tour of the farm (explaining some of the sustainable farming they were implementing) which my kids just loved!

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Gratitude for responsible & quality farming
By: jim crill    (Dec 10, 2011)

Mandy "n" Travis, Ladies always 1st in my generation, are exemplary examples of the American pioneer spirit, as they embrace hard effort with a focus on satisfied birds as well as satisfied consumers. Well done Travis, Mandy, and your ancestors, for their wisdom flows through to your products. This week I prepared our quarters ala teriyaki style and the results were superb. At the conclusion of the baking Nick, my son, suggested taking the skin off and adding teriyaki under the broiler. I was reluctant as I did not want them to dry out. They didn't. He said that that was a great dinner and it featured Green Hills Poultry. We have sought quality chicken sources and have found one. But, and more importantly, we have found caring and high quality thinking individuals who want to make certain that we consumers are smiling after dinner. The appearance of the leg and thigh was massive as compared to other sources. Obviously these chickens are allowed to grow up and grow up well attended. At least these chickens give their lives with dignity and style. We appreciate and benefit from that. A real community thing. I now look forward to your eggs. Thanks for your patience Travis. A good thing for all sides. jim crill

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Great Chicken
By: Rachel Dewell    (Dec 4, 2011)

I've been buying chickens for just a couple of months, but I highly recommend it! Everything has been more than worth the cost. I can't wait until they have eggs and can expand their "flock".

They're also just nice people. :)

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Green Hills Poultry - Eggs & Meat
By: lisa schmidt    (Nov 7, 2011)

My husband I have now ordered eggs & whole roasters on a regular basis from Travis & Mandy for the past couple of months. Everything has been beautiful in appearance and delicious to eat. Just this past weekend, we tried a simple Julia Child's recipe with Green Hills Poultry chicken breasts. The chicken breasts were tender & the perfect choice for a gentle pan saute in nothing more than butter with salt, pepper and a chopped shallot. We're very glad we found Green Hills Poultry!

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Excellent poultry
By: Leia Collins    (Nov 4, 2011)

We've been buying Green Hills for months. We are very pleased with both the whole broilers and boneless, skinless breasts. The meat cooks up juicy and flavorful. The broth I've made from leftover bones is quite rich. The owners are thoughtful and determined to produce quality meat. I recommend this farm highly.

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High Quality Yummy-ness!
By: Angelica Rodriguez    (Jan 6, 2011)

The broiler we tried had great flavor, was tender not chewy or tough at all, had good healthy color, and juicy, too! Mr. Krause is working hard to raise a truly high quality pastured poultry and it shows! What a blessing to have access to such yummy 'real food'!

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