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Wonderful farm fresh with love
By: Jenny Ampersand    (May 5, 2014)

We were members of the Little Gnome CSA for 5 season. We've since moved out of the area and miss their amazing veggies, lovely conversation, and caring service. We enjoyed all the variety they provided, the care they put into their work, and the time they spent talking with us about everything from the weather to our lives to storage/recipe tips. I highly recommend them as a CSA and have encouraged friends to sign up. Being a part of their farm through the CSA program gets you back to the way things should be done. Face to face and from farm to table.

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Nice people but their CSA doesn't measure up :(
By: Julie Wang    (Nov 17, 2013)

We were previous members of a larger CSA and decided to give Little Gnome Farm a try this year. We were disappointed in a few ways. First, we never new what was coming in the share. Email newsletters were few and far between. When they were sent out, we were never sure if they were for the past week or the coming week since the produce didn't always match up. It's great that they offer pick up at the farmer's market but the shares were not pre packed so Paul would just grab handfuls of produce from his stand and pack up a bag while we waited. Some time he would accidentally forget to put something in or give us 2 portions of the same thing. The variety of the produce was ok but sometimes the quality was not up to par. Snap peas were harvested way after their prime so they were tough and stringy. A couple of times our eggplants rotted after a few days in the fridge. It's a small operation and I think it's just him and his family working the farm. We were disappointed.

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Paul Dinberg says:    (Jan 6, 2014)

As a family farm. we are definitely not comparable to the Reviewer's previous CSA farm which employs over 30 workers, and has several large walk-in coolers, several delivery trucks, and they deliver pre- boxed produce to members. Although we do pre-box all of our CSA shares that are not delivered to the farmers market, at the farmers market our members have been thrilled to have the opportunity to pack their own shares selecting only what they thought they would use in a week. Many of our members enjoy speaking with us each week at market, a benefit that the Reviewer could have taken advantage of, with questions about varieties, what is in season, and how to prepare meals with what we grow-- and we love answering questions and the personal interaction at the market. I do not believe this level of service is available from the larger CSA farms. If the Reviewer took the time to speak to us at the market and let us know something was not right, we would have had an opportunity to respond during the growing season, not only now, after it's ended. For example, if the Reviewer had told us that her eggplant rotted after a few days in the fridge, we would have been able to respond by saying that eggplants stored in the refrigerator deteriorate quickly. Then we would have given her more eggplants and suggested storing them in a cool place like a basement, or better, use them right away. That is how we run out business! As stated above, the Reviewer did receive one email list of vegetables that was meant for another CSA member. When I learned of it, I apologized for the mistake, and assumed they understood it was my mistake. One of the strengths of the local CSA farms is that there is diversity in the services that we all offer. I encourage everyone to shop around for a CSA that fits their lifestyle and how much time they have to invest in learning where their food comes from. Some of our members do just want a box of food they can count on every week, for others they want to select their produce themselves. And yet for other members, they want to know that they are supporting a local family farm that is growing a business, learning as we grow, and contributing to the local food movement. It is important to shop around and ask the farmer questions before you sign up so you know what to expect from the farm.

Praise for Little Gnome Farm
By: harriet Cooke    (Mar 8, 2013)

Love this farm! Love this family! I have been enjoying their produce and eggs and am finally joining their CSA- a great way to support our local farmers and farmland. Great community advocates and advocates for social sustainability and Justice. And good quality veggies of course :) Harriet Cooke MD

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