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a great first experience of belonging to a CSA
By: Anna Maria Johnson    (Mar 19, 2009)

This is my second year belonging to Glen Eco Farm's CSA. The produce is fresh, of great variety and nutrition, and the people are wonderful to get to know. I enjoyed the egg share and noticed a difference in the dark orange-yellow yolks compared with that of commercial lemon-yellow-yolked eggs.

The Burkholders are not strictly organic farmers, but try to be organic as much as possible. They use spray only when a particular crop is in danger of being wiped out by insects, and are careful to notify CSA members when this is the case so that we can peel or more thoroughly wash that particular item.

While I have a home garden also, I am a bit of a novice so found that working for part of my share at Glen Eco taught me a great deal about how to grow food and gave our family greater variety.

On another level, it is a fun community experience to chat about politics, religion, economics, and family life while picking raspberries together, harvesting herbs, or packing the boxes on Tuesdays.

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