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2nd year, still pleased
By:    (May 6, 2014)

Besides getting fresh, tasty, locally-grown produce, these are my favorite aspects of Bee Heaven: (1) webstore allows you to add on to your delivery (2) diversity of products available through webstore (3) most weeks deliver produce that make good companions in recipes (recipe suggestions are available too) (4) the connection my family feels to our local farmers through newsletters and farm events

Year one in CSA was a lot of discovery. In year two, I used many of my go-to recipes from year one, but there were still enough new foods to keep things fun and fresh in the kitchen.

I just wish the season could be year-round. ;)

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By: Jeff Wasielewski    (May 6, 2014)

I am a very critical consumer and I look for the slightest faults in any of the things I purchase. Bee Heaven Farm's CSA was found to not only be fault free, but they exceeded my already lofty expectations by delivering, perfect, healthy, delicious, fruits and vegetables throughout the entire growing season.

In addition, the variety of each week's box was superb and the quality and freshness matched or exceed the variety.

At first the price seemed steep, but for the amount of food, the high quality and the amazing variety, I can say I got far more than what I paid for. I will definitely sign-up for this CSA next season.

If there were ten stars, I would give Bee Heaven Farm a perfect ten. I recommend this CSA highly.

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Great Produce
By: Ryan Bauer    (Apr 15, 2014)

This was my first year doing the CSA with Bee Heaven. I was really impressed with the quality and diversity of the produce. I will definitely recommend to others!

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Delicious, Healthy, Local
By: Xenia Leonteva    (Apr 11, 2014)

I have been buying produce from Bee Heaven Farm for many years and finally this year had a chance to participate in their CSA program. What a blessing it's been!!!! I love everything about it - delicious beautiful locally grown veggies and fruits, the adventure and surprise you get with every pick-up, and wonderful hardworking staff. It's truly a lot of fun to open up a box each week and find great quality products delivered directly from the local farms. I was introduced to so many varieties of veggies and loved them all. Communication with the organizers, mostly Margie, has been always pleasant and very personal. The whole experience was very personal and that's what you never find at a grocery store. I will certainly continue to participate in the program and will continue to support the farm in every way possible. Highly recommend this CSA program to everyone. Join and see for yourselves!

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great way to eat more veggies and learn new recipes
By:    (Apr 10, 2014)

This was like Christmas every Saturday! A big basket with something for everyone, including our rabbits (who are huge CSA fans). There were lots of greens, turnips, beets that took some creativity to plan meals - made lots of turnip/ beet chips. We grew our own tomatoes, there were not large amounts of tomatoes in the small share. This was an overall great start for us to eat more vegetables, try preparing vegetables different ways, and eat local. We really enjoyed the produce, the news letter and the adventure of new foods.

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The Best South Florida Has to Offer
By:    (Apr 9, 2014)

My family has been Bee Heaven Farm/Redland Organics CSA subscribers for years, and we look forward to it every season. It's beautifully organized and the variety and quality of local produce just gets better and better. The greens are vibrant and I rely on them, but there's also the thrill of "discovering" produce like romanesco -- it's like making new friends.

Margie's newsletter not only explains what we're getting each week but gives some back story about the interns or the produce that makes me appreciate all the more the commiment that goes into making this happen. As an advocate for plant-based sustainable food, it's a delicious way to live -- and eat -- in accordance with my beliefs. This CSA is the best South Florida has to offer.

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Tried and True, Year after Year
By: Diane Shoaf    (Apr 9, 2014)

6th year (or maybe more, I've lost count), a vegetarian's dream, downsized to small share and then ordered extras from mid-week market email notice. Love exposure to different fruits/vegetables as well as return of favorites: beets, fennel, mushrooms, patty pan squash, rainbow chard and romanesco. This year discovered new pesto possibilities like fennel fronds, carrot greens, scallions. Love the weekly newsletter that identifies what's in the share, keeps me connected with local farmers and interns,& provides recipes.

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By: Marya Meyer    (Apr 9, 2014)

We have participated since year one and shared with another family of dear friends. A wonderful way to enjoy not only the produce, but to organize pick ups and see one another. We have learned by experience, not only what grows well in S. Fl., but how to consume it. There is always something new and interesting. Delicious, ethical, grounding. We eat better during the season and really enjoy opportunities to go to the "Gleaning" and other gatherings, when our sports schedule permits. Wish we got a bit more fruit and miss the extras that we used to share before so many folks signed up, but we are extremely pleased and plan to continue as long as this endearing CSA exists! S. Fl. was sorely lacking in accessible organics and Bee Heaven and their extended family of farms takes up the slack.

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