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best part of winter
By: janet gato    (Apr 21, 2009)

We love our vege coop. Have been at it 3 years. The two of us manage to eat a full share. Each week is like christmas. The eggs and honey are the best also. janet gato big pine key

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Great year!
By: Linda Keller    (Apr 21, 2009)

This was our third CSA season - never better. The freshness and variety were exceptional. Highlights were potatoes, kale, dandelion greens (reminder of my childhood!), radicchio, corn, strawberries, citrus, tomatoes, black sapote, avocado, herbs, honey... My family especially enjoyed our first year of Rachel's eggs. The blue eggs were hoarded and hard-cooked at Easter - MUCH more festive than food coloring.

Bill Jacobs Tinkeringwithdinner blog was a must-read at our house. We particularly enjoyed Bill's black sapote oat bars and look forward to tinkering with the recipe to enjoy with summer fruit. The time and attention spent documenting inspired me to plan ahead and use almost everything. Much less in the compost bin this year (not even the lettuce!)

Thank you Margie and all for helping me provide my family with local, organic and delicious meals. See you next year!

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2nd season is a wrap -- sign me up for a third!
By: samuel brown    (Apr 21, 2009)

Not only do I get fabulous local produce (the greens in particular have been a hit with me this year), but the value over the course of a season is excellent. And when I don't have time to use something, my in-laws & neighbors are always happy to accept a bag of mizuna or green beans. This year I made kim chee for the first time, and also figured out how wonderful radishes are with eggs. Every Saturday is the start of a new adventure.

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We'll be back!
By:    (Apr 21, 2009)

This was our first year with the Bee Heaven CSA, and we will definitely be back next season. We were surprised by the variety each week, and were pleased to be introduced to so many new fruits and vegetables. We had a full share for a family of 5, and with 2 of our children on very restricted diets for food sensitivities, it was great to be able to expand the menu options for them. The pictures and info provided each week were quite helpful as well.

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Excellent Year
By: tom packert    (Apr 21, 2009)

We enjoyed our full share this year. The Canistel 'egg fruit' was a wonderful dicsovery. The 'white beets' were excellent. It does challenge me for new recipes. But there are lots of them online these days.

My deliveries were always accurate and timely, very happy with the Bee Heaven service!

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Our family loved the weekly surprise!
By:    (Apr 21, 2009)

We loved opening our full share each week and learning about new veggies! The newletter, with its photos and recipes, were helpful as well as interesting to read. We tried all of the recipes and they were varied and delicious. The articles by the interns were also fun to read.

The CSA made us healthier eaters, and happy and proud to support local agriculture and do the right thing for the environment. The "miles to the table" chart was something I shared with my child and the students in my classroom.

We'll miss you this summer!

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Loved it!
By: Marianne Mccready    (Apr 21, 2009)

I loved getting the fresh produce each week. We are a family of 5 and the full share was enough to keep us in veggies for the week with sometimes leftovers for the following week. I think it was well worth the cost. I have a new favorite green..calalloo. Yum. That was delicious. I never tasted better carrots in my life. I hoarded those like they were gold. And the french radishes were another treat I had never experienced before. I can't wait till next season. I just wish our growing season was longer.

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By:    (Apr 21, 2009)

Another great year. This was our 4th season and it was the best yet. The half share was just enough for two. The eggs were fresh and so different from the supermarket.

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