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By: joann    (Apr 21, 2009)

Loved the selections. New to the world of veggies outside of broccoli. Would not have known what half the veggies and fruits were if it wasn't for the great newsletter with photos and recipes... Love the fact that I am supporting our local farmers and appreciate all the hard work. Pick-up was so easy and conveniant. Definitely will be signing up again. Thanks!!

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What a treat!
By: Jessica Zagier Wallace    (Apr 21, 2009)

What a wonderful treat every week receiving a basketful of locally grown fruits, vegetables, honey and last season eggs. It's the highlight of every Saturday heading to the neighbor's house to pick up our weekly basket of goodies.

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La Diva Can't live without her CSA share!
By: Laura Lafata    (Apr 21, 2009)

This was my first year participating in the CSA with Bee Heaven/Pikarco and I must say, I have learned SO MUCH! I am a person that goes to the produce dept. of the grocery and get's upset: high prices and not so fresh food. Doing the CSA with Margie's farm and other participating farms this year was a delight and I got all warm inside knowing that not only was I helping to support their farms but also had an interesting selection of produce that I would not normally have access to. Not to mention the selection of super-fresh, just-picked-with-farm-dirt-still-on-them veggies! You can't get much fresher than that!

I also enjoyed the variety of produce I got each week. Initially, I was concerned that I'd get the same stuff week after week. I liked how it was mixed up and I never got bored.

Doing the CSA not only taught me to eat what's in season but introduced me to regional produce. Callalloo? Sugarcane? I explored each new item with gusto and made it a challenge to use only what was in my share each week. (you can see the challenges and other food musings/recipes et al on my blogspot for La Diva Cucina on Blogger or thru my website) The newsletter with recipes and photos helped me identify what was what as well as kept me "close" to what was going on at the farm.

Also, I really enjoyed going down to the farm and actually seeing where some of the produce was grown. (Margie, we need to have more outings!)

As I'm relatively new to Miami (and Southern Florida) it's been a challenge to eat locally and seasonally, I had no idea what was even in season. I've learned so much just by being a part of the CSA and by being a part of that community, it also makes one feel closer to the farmers and growers of what I eat. The trials and triumphs of the farmers were shared by all of us! Thank you!

I'm looking forward to learning more about the food we choose to buy and prepare and wish we could do this all year round! (By the way, people in other states that read my blog are JEALOUS of the produce we get here!!!)

Margie and farm friends: Thanks for all the hard work, our household so appreciates it all!

Laura "La Diva" Lafata La Diva Cucina

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I can't believe season is over!
By: alejandra arguello    (Apr 21, 2009)

This is my first year participating in the program and I have loved every weekend of the program. What an amazing way to support our local farmers. I'm just sad that the season is over already. I'll definitely be signing up next year again.

Thank you, Margie, for your wonderful work!

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By: Cynthia    (Apr 21, 2009)

I loved the CSA. Great variety or fruits and veggies. Sme that I was not familliar with but loved trying. THe pictures and recipes in the newsletter were great. Must have them to know what you are getting. I loved the surprise that each week would bring. Definietly signing up again next year

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A Hidden Gem that I have recommended to everyone.
By: Michelle Sage    (Apr 21, 2009)

I just finished my third season, and I am as happy now as when I started. Every week a great variety of delicious fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables delivered close to my home. My only suggestion would be to have a north location for the summer specials. Keep up the great work !

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Can't live without it!
By: silvia    (Apr 21, 2009)

Kudos to Margie and the team for a wonderful season. We really enjoyed the selection and the quality of the produce, fruit and honey. The newsletter photos are a must and we would appreciate more tips on the produce provided relative to extended storage, recipes and other helpful hints. The stories about the farm experiences relative to the weather that week and how the chickens are producing eggs, makes you feel like you are on the farm. Keep up the work on the newsletter, we appreciate how time consuming producing this every week can be. Wonderful experience, we look forward to another season. Also, the the family at the Pembroke Pines pickup site were delightful, we appreciate all their efforts to make the pickup so easy. Kuddos to their generosity in hosting all the members on a weekly basis.

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Bee Heaven Farms
By: Buck Banks    (Apr 21, 2009)

To Margie and her team:

Thanks for another great CSA season. The freshness and variety of the fruits and veggies were excellent, as always. And the newsletter, with its news and recipes, is a weekly must-read. Indeed, we keep all the newsletters and refer back t the recipes and tips regularly. We look forward to signing up again for next season.

Kathy & Buck

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