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Wonderful Eggs
By: Jennifer Schroeder    (Feb 12, 2011)

These eggs are so delicious, and they make the best meals! Thanks Shady Oak for providing us with a local, organic source for eggs. We love the amazing eggs, and we love to support our local farmers. Keep it up!

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Egg On!
By: Ken Willmarth    (Jan 19, 2011)

We started buying Shady Oak eggs within the past two months, and, as the previous reviewer noted, delighted in their quality. They are clearly pastured and properly supplemented, as the shells, richly colored yolks, and firm whites are of superior quality. The ultimate proof is in the flavor, and it's there. We have raised our own pastured poultry and eggs for years, but stopped last year after a huge tree fell on the bird house. The urgency of rebuilding and restocking with birds has just been reduced with the discovery of Shady Oak. We haven't yet visited the farm, but have talked with someone who has and who validates the farm's good husbandry practices. Give this source a try; you'll be gastronomically glad you did!

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Best Eggs Ever!!!
By: S Fisher    (Jan 15, 2011)

The eggs were AMAZING!!!

The flavor is really remarkable. The eggs are so nutrient rich that the egg shells are harder to crack open, than store bought eggs.

The yokes are more of an orange color and when cooked are a beautiful sunny yellow. The whites are so white!!! not that gray-milky white like store bought eggs.

Once you try'll never go back to store bought.

Thank you Lynne for A+ eggs!!!

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