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Best Produce Around
By: Daisha Wilber    (May 21, 2013)

Ken, Patti and Jason have been wonderful. We're in our 3rd season as CSA members and will continue to be loyal customers because of the great product and people! We were even invited to the farm to see where our food is coming from. That truly makes a customer feel valued. Spreading Oaks Farm is highly recommended!

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Great produce from Spreading Oaks Farm!
By: Sandy Michaud    (Jan 5, 2013)

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a CSA member of Spreading Oaks Farm for the 2012 season. As my first-time CSA experience, my family has enjoyed discovering new vegetables over the season and look forward to each week's pickup. Spreading Oaks Farm has beautiful produce, a lovely farm, and friendly folks to boot! Top choice in the Paulding/Douglas county area. Thank you, Ken and Patti!

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Support your local farms!
By: Anita Kennerley    (Jan 5, 2013)

I met Ken & Patti a couple of years ago, and have enjoyed their high quality produce since that time... in addition to all the health benefits of fresh produce with no chemicals - the produce lasts a long time in the fridge (I usually buy too much, can't help myself). It's important that we support our local farms - it's hard work, bringing the food to market. But when you look at the beautiful colors of those vegetables, you'll appreciate those hands that pulled it for you...

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Great Beef, Veggies and Eggs
By: Patty Strilaeff    (Mar 26, 2012)

This winter, just about all of our meals included something from Spreading Oaks Farm, and never once were we disappointed. We love their grass fed beef and their beautiful veggies, but my favorite is their amazing eggs! When you hold a carton of their eggs in your hand, the first thing you'll notice is how heavy it is. The smallest egg in the carton will be at least as big as a large egg from the grocery store, and the largest eggs are so big it often makes it hard to close the egg carton. But the best part is when you crack them open and see that big orange yolk! Actually, the best part is when you put the eggs in your mouth!!

They really know what they are doing and are constantly increasing their offerings. We're not real experts when it comes to meat, but their ground beef is the best we have had, and we've ordered from a couple of online grass-fed places. And even though we try to grow most of our own vegetables, it's really hard to resist trying some of the offerings from Ken and Patti.

Their farm looks like a scene from a Norman Rockwell painting...beautiful Belted Galloways grazing in the pastures as you drive past the chickens and the pond up to their place. If they ever start selling coffee and butter, we're going to have very few reasons to go to the grocery store!

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Good resource
By: debbie hill    (Feb 29, 2012)

Spreading Oaks is a great resource for veggies, eggs, and grass -fed beef. I have had the privilege of purchasing all of these items from them, at the Farmer's Market as well as directly at the farm. Mr. Ken is friendly and knowledgeable - I will definitely do business with them again!

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Spreading Oaks Farm - great tomatoes & veggies
By: Joyce Boyd    (Jul 23, 2011)

glad you made it to Acworth Friday, love the tomatoes, cantelopes and watermelons, peppers, too. thanks, i love to not cook during this heatwave and just eat a tomatoe sandwich and munch on some watermelon later.... jcb

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Awesome produce every week!
By: Jeff Davis    (May 23, 2011)

This is my wife and I first time in joining a CSA. We are 1/2 share per week customers of Spreading Oaks Farm. We should have done this sooner! The freshness of the vegtables and quality are head above anything you can get in the grocery store. We look forward to every Wednesday stopping by the farm for our weekly share of vegtables. This has made us more aware of eating healthy and preparation of fresh vegatables. I would highly recommend Spreading Oaks Farm for anyone who is thinking about joining a CSA. Ken and Patti are great people and very knowledgable about what they are doing. Stop by their farm in Dallas for a peek at what you are missing! They can even help you out with recipes too!

Jeff and Carrie

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Grass Fed Beef
By: Alex Newbold    (May 7, 2011)

I wish I knew Spreading Oaks Farm was around years ago. I can't remember the last time I had a steak that tasty. Excellent beef, great produce and a great attitude of the owners.

I'll be back on a regular basis that's for sure.

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