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By: Matt Junak    (Mar 22, 2012)

We participated in a CSA vegetable share last year, which was our first year trying something like this out. Turns out the weather wasn't great , and I accept that the share started later than expected and wasn't as abundent as it could be in a great growing season. Given that understanding, though, it still came short of expectations.

The biggest problem was with communication - there was not much and it was inconsistent...and mostly through text messages. Some weeks we'd get a notice that our food was delivered, others not. One week the bag got dropped off in our driveway right in front if the garage door, instead of on our porch like each previous week; we backed over it not knowing it was there!

Here are some of our expectations, and our experience:

"$495 may sound like a lot of money, but divided by 16 weeks, that's only $30 per week... I bet you're spending more than that on plastic fruits & vegetables" - We could have bought twice the amount of produce from the "organic" section of the grocery store or three times as much from any farmers market for $30. On average we recieved about 10 items a week.

"Apples, bell peppers, bok choy, cantaloupe, carrots, cucumbers, herbs, honeydew, hot peppers, romaine lettuce, potatoes, pumpkins, raspberries, spinach, squashes, strawberries, watermelon, zucchini and ALL KINDS OF TOMATOES!" -lots of potatos. No bok choy, no cantelope, herbs once, 2 jalepenos all season, no raspberries, no strawberries, no watermelon, only recieved 3 common varieties of tomato (beefsteak like, roma, cherry).

"Every box will see RECIPES and an occasional test-market GIFT of new items...." -only the first two deliveries included any written information, nothing after that. Eggs once, which happened to be the week we ran over the bag. Never any sample meat, cheese, honey...

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Very Disappointed with Quality
By:    (Mar 17, 2012)

I was very happy with the delivery schedule of my produce, but found that the vegetables were already rotten when we got them on almost every occasion. I would say that AT MOST, only about 2/3 of the produce was edible. I wanted to cancel my subscription within the first two weeks of delivery, but the seller would not honor the Local Harvest Satisfaction Guarantee and would not give a pro-rated refund of any sort. I did not write to the Local Harvest people since I had paid directly to Paypal when the Cricket's Garden folks sent me a Paypal money request. I should not have paid through that link, therefore, Local Harvest was not involved and probably not responsible. I should have put the purchase of the season in my cart and paid directly through this site in order to get the guarantee.

This was the first time we signed up for a CSA so we should have done more research perhaps. I will be going elsewhere this year.

Moral of the Story- Beware of paying through the Paypal request sent directly from this seller. You will not be backed by the regular guaranteed satisfaction rules of this site.

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Totally Disappointed
By: Victoria Meadows    (Jan 3, 2012)

I was very disappointed with Cricket's for the following reasons:

Disbursement was delayed until the last week in July with all contact about the matter initiated by me and with no explanation of the delay until I asked for a refund and questioned why other CSA's had started delivery months earlier.

Received completely rotten unusable produce on multiple occasions.

Local pick-up location was not as convenient as initially advertised on LocalHarvest when I signed up and the day of pick up changed half way through the season.

Lack of variety. Didn't receive any fruit except for apples.

Complete lack of communication. For example I found out the last pick up day was the previous week on the normal pick up day. Not to mention the lack of contact regarding the delay in disbursement.

Concept sounds great and could be, but I did not have a good experience with Cricket's.

On the upside, they do have great eggs.

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Cricket Badra says:    (Feb 14, 2012)

I apologize Victoria, I value your comments and critique. I admit that the 2011 CSA was not a perfect year, and I apologize. Our delivery started around the same time as most other CSA's that I spoke to. It was very cold, rainy, and windy Spring which lasted well into June. Unfortunately I have no control over the weather and the straight-line winds we had in May that destroyed our hoop house and decimated our crops. Last year our sheep broke lose and DEVOURED our fruit garden in just a couple of hours :( this year we have no sheep :) Therefore we will be bringing back our berries and melons. As for the rotten food. Our produce is picked ripe, it is not picked green and sprayed with stabilizers. Our fresh produce only keeps for a week, at most, and we like it that way. We did change our delivery day from Tuesday to Monday, this is a permanent change and will stay that way. Thank you for your support, Cricket

Anna Scott says:    (Mar 15, 2012)

I agree with most of Victoria's comments. I was very disappointed that the distribution did not begin until July when it had been advertised as starting in May. I also did not find out the reason for the delay until I made contact and requested additional information. I also agree that there was a lack of variety. I don't think that we received any fruit. I also agree that we were not notified that the distribution was complete until the the day of or day before our next expected distribution. I wish Cricket all of the best, but we will be exploring other options for the future.

Great, You are on line now!
By: Mark Barnes    (Jan 10, 2011)

Can I place my oder on line with my CC? Can't wait to get them again this year!

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