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Amazing farm fresh quality products
By: MaryAnn Frandsen    (May 26, 2014)

It is a pleasure to write a review for St Johns Family Farm. I have purchased the chicken eggs on different occasions and can honestly say they are the BEST eggs we have ever eaten. The taste and the quality are superior to what you find in the grocery store. On my last visit, I purchased some of their hot Italian sausage. I will never buy pre packaged processed sausage again after tasting theirs. No competition, hands down this was so fresh and tasty it's the only sausage I will cook with. I firmly believe to produce quality tasting food you need the best, freshest ingredients going into it. The result from using SJFF products was exactly that. Pure food heaven. Now go and find them, you will wish you had done it sooner. :-)

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Exciting new meals with local food!
By: Michelle Carter    (Jan 29, 2013)

My husband and I visit Beaches Green Market on a regular basis to enjoy local food, and we decided to try quail meat and eggs from Saint Johns Family Farm. We purchased the quail meat fresh and ready to cook! We were so excited that we cooked it the same day. We smoked it for 2 hours and it was amazing. We will be purchasing more. We eat chicken eggs every morning for breakfast and it was fun to try quail eggs for a change. They taste quite similar to chicken eggs and seem to have a very nutritious profile from what I have read. It is great to be able to find variety in the local food market and Manny and Yvonne are wonderful people to do business with!

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Great products from wonderful people
By: Kathy Couturier    (Jan 27, 2013)

I have purchased high quality meats and eggs from Manny and Yvonne through the years. We frequent several farmers markets in the area. Manny and Yvonne are be there with their products to sell and always with a kind word, a recipe and a smile. Some of the farmers markets such as doctors are no longer going, but St. John's Family Farm has come up with a great market schedule on there web-site so you can plan and even per-order. They currently go to 2 markets ever other week. We even have taken our boys(now 7&8) out to their farm . Call ahead to do farm pick-ups or for a tour. They have convenient hours and days for pick-ups. Amazing farm to table food from 2 amazing souls! Thanks for providing us locally.

*Our only wish is that they would raise rabbits again. They were so tasty

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Friendly, Knowledgeable, and Delicious Products!
By: Rob Dooner    (Jul 14, 2012)

My wife and I started going to the Beaches Green Market a few weeks back. Our first trip there, we stopped by Manny and Yvonne's tent and got to talking to them about their process and what they usually sell. We returned the following week to pick up some eggs and fresh rabbit! Yum!

We cooked the rabbit using a recipe from their website with some spices of our own in a slow cooker for 7 hours and watched as the meat fell off of the bone! The rabbit was the most tender, delicious rabbit we'd ever had.

Manny and Yvonne are the only people we'll buy our eggs and rabbit from, but get there early! The rabbit goes quick!!

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Great people, great eggs
By: Debbie Cusick    (Jan 31, 2012)

I found Yvonne and Manny's number at the local Wild Birds Unlimited. When I called it was not a usual day for visitors, but they invited me out and gave me a tour of their farm and the chickens when I got there. They were warm and friendly, and seem to love what they do.

I've been buying eggs from them ever since, and a chicken as well, and look forward to continuing to do business with them.

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Yummy chicken
By: Mandy Rivera    (Jan 8, 2012)

I got 10 chickens and 1 turkey from them this December. Everything has tasted great and the bones have made that really good bone broth that only a truly pastured bird can produce.

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Good eggs, great people
By: Nathan Cramer    (Jun 10, 2011)

I ran into Manny and Yvonne at the now defunct farmers market at Whole Food in Mandarin. They were friendly, outgoing, helpful and obviously passionate for the work they were doing.

They answered all of my inane questions and even invited me out for their first official processing day. It was an incredible experience, and I'd highly recommend anyone with a real interest in where their food comes from take part in something similar. The chickens on their farm seemed particularly happy and well cared for.

Their prices are fair and the quality of food I've received has always been stellar. I routinely eat their eggs, and was lucky enough to get my hands on several full chickens for roasting, bbq, and soup. All good stuff.

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