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Wonderful Wedding Flowers
By: Erin O'Sullivan    (Aug 1, 2013)

I knew I wanted beautiful local wildflowers- and lots of them- for my wedding and Spring Lake Gardens came through. They dropped off more gorgeous flowers then we could use (we had flowers everywhere from the bridal table to outside the bathrooms) and Andy was a pleasure to work with.

And I've got to admit that throwing my bouquet in the woods this morning without worrying about pesticides or chemicals, felt really good.

If you're looking for someone to give you beautiful, local, organic flowers in CT, Spring Lake Gardens is for you.

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Small Portions
By: Jacob Kravitz    (Mar 1, 2013)

We did this CSA last year after moving to a different part of the state. The portions were so small that we usually debated whether or not it was worth the gas to go get them. This was in stark contrast to Farmer Joe's in Wallingford and Fair Weather Acres (we belonged to Farmer Joe's the previous year and other family belonged to Fair Weather Acres). Definitely looking elsewhere for the upcoming year. The quality was alright, but there just weren't nearly enough vegetables to make this CSA worth it.

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A Family Thing
By: Holly Seidel    (Jan 4, 2013)

As a family we have been so pleased with this CSA that when an option to add another half share came up in the first year we jumped on it! There has been such an abundance of fresh, local veggies(and a little fruit!) our children have tried things I never thought they would eat. We also love the weekly newsletter the farm sends out, its almost as though we are there experiencing the growing and harvesting ourselves! My son in particular now wants to try and grow everything he sees in our weekly CSA bag. Joining Spring Lake Gardens has been good for our diets and as a learning tool that is teaching us where food really comes from and the trials and tribulations a farmer goes through, both things we seem to lose touch with in modern grocery stores. The monetary value in my opinion is very good and I find we are wasting less food when knowing where it comes from and how fresh it is!

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No regrets
By: Viviana Lusitani    (Dec 20, 2012)

I have been a member of Spring Lake Gardens CSA for a year now. Summer was great (got some things I have never tried before and loved them) and Winter has been even better! Lots of greens and other winter hardy veggies. Nothing beats getting fresh, free of pesticides and delicious vegetables in the middle of winter! Will definitely do again...and again.

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Will do again...
By: Marlene Ewankow    (Dec 20, 2012)

I felt like there was a good variety (the coriander was the best surprise!) mixed in with the more expected veggies. I have done other CSA's and compared my bounty with those my friends were getting elsewhere. While it was a tough year for some crops, I feel like I still got plenty of delicious produce. I had the opportunity to see the farm and to meet the people (and dog) behind it - a wonderful experience all around.

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Great CSA!
By: Dylan Riordan    (Dec 17, 2012)

It has been amazing to watch the farm grow in the past 2 years. Andy's dedication and careful attention to detail come through every week in the harvest. The veggies are beautiful and delicious. At the end of the season celebration with other CSA members, we saw that the heart Andy puts into the farm, and the delicious food it produces, had grown a loving community passionate about local food and a healthy way of life. We are so glad and proud to be a part of the CSA.

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Great CSA
By: Janine Guillet    (Dec 10, 2012)

This is the third CSA I have done in Eastern CT. This has been my favorite experience, by far. Every week we got a great mix of delicious produce. I loved getting to try different varieties of old favorites like tomatoes and peppers (Btw they were all delicious). I also got to try things I'd never had before like daikon radishes and kohl rabi. I even found out that I loved beets. Doing the work share was such a wonderful option. I learned so much. Every week I came home tired, but inspired. I loved getting to know Andy and Mel. They are the most kind and welcoming people. This CSA feels like a family. Andy cares so much about taking care of his customers. He works tirelessly to insure that every member is happy. In my experience he is always open and responsive to feedback. I give this CSA 5 stars w/o reservation. I can't wait for the new season to begin.

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Delicious Produce
By: glen davenport    (Dec 10, 2012)

I have been a member of the spring lake gardens CSA for one year and I am very excited to be a part of it again next year. I did the work share option over the summer and I got more than just good food--I got a crash course in local agriculture. It was a blast and I've learned how to cook/appreciate a lot of new foods. Once the season was over, I had a difficult time readjusting to grocery store produce. Ew.

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