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Great first year!
By: Peter Allen    (Mar 16, 2012)

I was so pleased to be part of the Plowshares community for the first year. Wonderful diversity of fresh vegetables, greens and root vegetables. Great feature to have pick-your-own, especially including herbs and flowers! This felt like a true community because of the efforts and zeal of the Bibulas. We joined for a second year and are truly looking forward to the season. Even though we still have enough green beans in the freezer to go through the summer! I thank the Bibulas for their dedication and hard work, along with their educational skills, communication skills and their follow-through. Definitely a positive experience.

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Amazing Experience
By: Emily Keniston    (Feb 4, 2012)

I can't put into words what the experience that Plowshares has offered this year has meant to our family. The veggies were wonderful, and the experience of seeing them grown and even picking our own vegetables hours before we served them for dinner was an incredible treat. It is now February and we still are enjoying delicious produce from the summer, thanks to a mini root cellar, canning and freezing (all new ventures for us, inspired and supported by Plowshares). The hospitality and generosity that the Bibulas and their staff show their members is an advantage which cannot be overrated- they have transformed the experience of "the farm," into the experience of "community" for us. I look forward to many, many, many more seasons of wonderful fresh food, learning opportunities, memories and friends.

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Plowshare Community Farm
By: Kathy Cole    (Jan 29, 2012)

The first year experience with PCF exceeded my expectations. The flavor of the fresh veges grown locally and available right out of the ground was amazing. I made more batches of tomatoe sauce than I have ever done with the pick your own sauce tomatoes and fresh herbs. My family said it was the best sauce ever. We don't have a large chest freezer so we couldn't freeze as much as was available to us. Anyone who did, froze many green, yellow, and purple beans. We did eat loads of beans fresh though. It was very convenient to be able to pick your own from sun up to sun down Mon-Sat. So one could go according to their own schedule. The carrots were especially good and sweet. The cabbage was also very good. If you don't have time or space or the right soil for a garden of your own this is a great alternative. Steve tries to plant varieties that you don' t always see at the grocery store as well as the basics.

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Wonderful experience!
By: Mrs. Sullivan    (Jan 10, 2012)

Plowshares Community Farm (PCF) is an experience that is very rewarding and satisfying. Not only do you follow your produce growing from seedling to harvest to your plate---the owners are very helpful and knowledgable about the entire farm operation. Our family is very excited to be a part of PCF again. Our kids have learned so much about planting, growing and harvesting vegetables, the environment - especially the effects of weather and soils conditions - as well as a bit of patience and a deeper understanding of food. We have been thrilled with our winter stash of harvested produce...from the many different beans, the creamy and wonderful potatoes, to the amazing corn that froze so well (esp. since this was our first experience with mass freezing) to the sweetest carrots and my homemade pasta sauces (another first) with fresh basil. All harvested from Plowshares! The Pick-Your-Own is a huge bonus for those that take advantage of it. PCF is a rewarding, relaxing, educational, easy and satisfying outdoor experience. Being a part of PCF allows us to reap the benefits of a huge garden without having to figure it all out on our own or put the energy and time in since our spring, summer and fall are usually so busy with life and the kids. We are fortunate to have found this place and look forward to many years of a rewarding experience! Thank you PCF!

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