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Try it, you'll love it!
By: Suzanne Zito    (Oct 15, 2014)

I have been a member of Brown Paper Bag Harry's Farm CSA for three years. I originally joined because I wanted fresh local produce, not the stuff sitting in the grocery store that had been trucked across the country. For 15 weeks from July to October, I get an overflowing tote of fresh picked vegetables. And I do mean fresh, they pick it the very day I come to get it.

This year we had quite an extended dry spell and I asked Harry how he was able to have such a bumper crop during the drought. His land has a lake with springs in it and he is able to keep the crops irrigated. Knowing your farmer personally lets you ask questions such as this.

I have been able to try foods I've never seen before, such as swiss chard. Tonight I cooked beet greens. Amazingly, my daughters eat all of these things. I might not have served them if they hadn't been in my tote and since I don't waste anything, we cook 'em and LIKE them.

I love being a member of this CSA, I will certainly join again!

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Great CSA membership with Brown Paper Bag Harry's Farm
By: Justin Kabat    (Mar 20, 2014)

Awesome produce and great service! This sums up our experience with Brown Paper Bag Harry's Farm for the past three years that we have been with them. We are impressed at the excellent quality and variety of the produce that they have provided us over the years. There's always fruit and sweet corn each week. They do their best to be accommodating with the selection that goes into our tote. Plus they fill the totes up to the top so we get our monies worth! We are Extremely Satisfied with this farm and looking forward to this coming years produce!!!

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Brown Paper Bag Harry's - Jim R
By: Jim Rutkovsky    (Feb 26, 2014)

Brown Paper Bag Harry's Farm is Great! The fruits and vegetables are fresh, locally grown, and nutritious. We always got a full (30 quart) tote or more. It is good to know where your vegetables are coming from and that they are grown without the pesticides and poisons and are not genetically modified, as are the stuff from the grocery store.

This is a great value. Harry and Dev are wonderful people and are only too pleased to modify your weekly pick up based on what you and your family prefer. This is our 4th year with Harry's and we are very pleased with the product and the service.

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Wonderful CSA Experience
By: Tina Trotochaud    (May 7, 2012)

We have been CSA members since Harry's first year offering CSA shares. We are always thrilled with the generous amount of veggies (and some fruit) and the wide variety they supply. Debi and Harry are very friendly and answer lots questions, and even asked what we would like to have grown in the coming season. I have seen CSA shares from other places (friends shares) and Brown Paper Bag Harry's can't be beat.

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