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Where is this farmers market located in St. Pete?
By:    (Jun 19, 2014)

Can you share the location, dates, and times that this market is available? Thank you Maureen

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Fresh and Delicious Chemical Free Produce
By: Tracy Carnevalini    (Jun 24, 2013)

My family is eating much healthier now that I discovered! Each Monday I look forward to seeing what new produce is available at the market and cannot wait until 5:00 to do my shopping and then on Fridays I cannot wait to get home to unpack all my fresh CHEMICAL FREE locally grown veggies and dairy products. The vegetables, fruit, dairy, eggs and herbs I receive from them weekly represent at least 85% - 95% of my groceries and I rarely have to go to the grocery store. On the rare occasions I have to buy meat or seafood, they are the only place where I will purchase it. It also makes me feel good that I am supporting our local economy and gives me peace of mind knowing I am feeding my family and friends healthy chemical free food. There is a wide variety and many vendors to choose from. Ordering is so simple: I order it on Monday, it is picked/packed on Thursday and delivered on Friday! You just cannot beat that! If you live in St. Pete or Tampa, you should give them a try. I do not think you will be disappointed.

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Fabulous produce and more - right here in St Pete!
By: Joan Hartsough    (Jan 18, 2012)

Finding this vegetable market was like hitting the lottery! The online 'store' allows you to choose exactly what items you want in a given week. Their crop doesn't dictate what you're given - you actually select from a large list on their website! There are many 'growers' associated with this group. Your choices include: duck eggs, chicken eggs, goat milk, skin care products, herbs, herbal tinctures, cakes, pate, micro greens, pestacide-free produce and luscious fruits! Their list is always growing. The produce is 'just picked'. This is an inexpensive way to belong to a local CSA and reap the benefits of locally grown, 'clean' produce! You're supporting your neighbors, eating the best foods - and they even have free 'classes' at their farm on select Sundays! The speakers have been amazing - always a wealth of knowledge to be gained! I especially like that I'm not obligated to receive a box of produce each week - of things I might not even want. The yearly cost is less than dinner with a friend, and the freedom of choice is terrific for busy, single people. Try them out - they allow you 2 orders before you pay the small yearly dues. You'll be so glad you did!

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