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Wholesome Quality
By: Nancy Grove    (Mar 26, 2014)

I love Grassroots beef, not only for its quality and flavor, but because the cows are allowed to be cows-- grazing freely over a huge pasture. It is a closed herd, so Billy is not simply buying in young steers each year to fatten up, but rather he has his own line of genetics, and the health of his herd cannot be tainted by outside sources. Mothers stay with their young and family units roam together, rather than being separated at birth. The less stress in the cows, the fewer stress hormones in the meat we consume-- plus its just the right thing to do for the animals' sake.

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By: Mary Macri    (May 4, 2011)

Just want to say Billy Howard is doing a great job! I bought meat and it was wonderful! We have enjoyed ground beef and beef roasts - sirloin/round - and it was excellent! Thank you Billy and looking forward to my next purchase.

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