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Highest Quality Vegetables, Beautiful Farm
By: Sarah Kielsmeier-Jones    (May 10, 2014)

Moraine Farm CSA is Beverly's hidden agricultural gem. Tucked between wild wetlands and forested glacial moraines, Moraine Farm offers delicious local produce in a beautiful location. Gretta and Liz are friendly, conscientious farmers who care deeply about their methods and the people who benefit from their hard work. Their labors and carefully cultivated fields yield an astonishing variety and quantity of vegetables, berries, herbs, and flowers.

My family loves experiencing the seasons through the farm's produce: From early spring's baby greens, lettuce, and strawberries; to mid-summer's carrots, beets, and summer squash. We particularly love late summer cucumbers, peppers, melons, and the best heirloom tomatoes, ever. Fall brings the best comfort veggies: Squash, root veggies, glorious greens, etc.

If you're looking for local, high quality vegetables grown by wonderful farmers on the North Shore, Moraine Farm is a great fit!

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Best food in the world!
By: Sandra Lawson    (May 2, 2014)

We are a Moraine Farm share family and love the food we receive. It consists of the freshest, tastiest, and organic fruits and vegetables we've ever eaten. We eat healthier hafl the year due to our share and some lasts seemingly forever (still using up the shallots!). I volunteer at the farm occasionally and feel so much at home with the crew and others who volunteer. Such a shared spirit for respecting nature and appreciating her bounty. Thanks to Gretta and her fine team for everything! Sand and Tom

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This farm has it all!
By: Meg Mac    (May 1, 2014)

Moraine Farm is AMAZING! I have been getting my veggies there for over a year now and I can't imagine going anywhere else. One of my favorite things is that I can get Valley View Goat Dairy cheese AND Cider Hill fruit there along with my regular veggie share. They have a pick-your-own component to the CSA, so that's fun for the kids, and it gives me a chance to get up close and personal with the food I'm eating. Every time I drive by the crew working in the fields I think how happy I am to know my farmer and where my food comes from- especially from such a friendly knowledgable crew! I can't wait to see what this year brings!

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Moriane Farm Veggies
By: Laurie Panunzio    (Apr 30, 2014)

This will be my third year volunteering at Moriane Farm. I love the farm-fresh veggies. Growing up in New England I became an ocean loving person. Now to have the opportunity to also learn about the land makes me feel twice blessed. The opportunities at the farm are endless. The farmers and apprentice are always ready to share their expansive knowledge of farming. My family members are not big veggie eaters but with the mass variety offered at the farm they are beginning to experiment the new flavors. This community is so lucky to have the Moriane Farm and all its opportunities available to all.

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We love our farm!
By: nicole andrade    (Oct 27, 2012)

The "new" moraine farm is great! Gretta and her staff are such wonderful people and our family loves the farm and the food! Fun volunteer opportunities, lots of pick your own, DEFINITELY family friendly- my 3 year old practically runs the he loves the TRACTORS! our favorite thing (other than the tractors) is PYO pole beans, husk cherries and herbs-while mommy also collects wild edible lambs quarter and purslane...yum!

what a blessing for my son to grow up with such a beautiful farm to be part of right next to his school.

cheese shares, milk shares, apples, blueberries, honey, beans...and so much more. this property is magical and the trustees are a key part of the future of our local sustainable food system. i am proud to be a part to moraine farm!

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Signing up Again
By: Amy Morrison    (Nov 28, 2011)

We were completely new to the CSA concept and decided to try Moraine Farm this past season. We are a family of four and had a wonderful time picking up our vegetables each week. Often there was a chance to pick your own, which both of my children loved. In the barn everything was clear and well organized and we got to see Gretta and others each time we stopped for pick up. The size of the share was great and challenged me to learn about veggies I hadn't cooked with yet. Near fall we received sugar pumpkins, carved, then roasted them and made real pumpkin pumpkin pie. It's been great to know where our food is being grown and who is growing it- the flavors and quality of the vegetables and herbs were amazing. We had a conversation about signing up again and considered the cleaning/cooking/sometimes freezing of veggie dishes, would there be enough time, did we really need as much...we decided that the freshness of the vegetables, the easy location, and the friendliness and help that Gretta and the farmers provided couldn't be passed up.

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Top quality wholesale crops. Supports new farms.
By: Susan Peters    (Nov 3, 2011)

Moraine Farm supports new community farms in the Boston area. I managed a small, start-up farm this year, and because we did not have enough land, we needed to buy in certain crops. Gretta worked with me and provided high quality and reasonably priced wholesale crops, which I used to supplement our shares. Moraine Farm's winter squash, potatoes, and leeks got rave reviews from our shareholders.

Gretta is easy to work with, and she takes the time to offer new growers farming advice and tips. She goes out of her way to help new farmers get started.

Susan Peters - Farm Manager, Norwell Farms

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Great produce! Great volunteering!
By: Paula Vassallo    (Jul 6, 2011)

I had no clue about CSA's until The Trustees of Reservations advertised their new program at Moraine Farm. And it's only about a mile from where I live in Beverly. I'm only a family of one, and the share is abundant, but it's all working out in ways I never expected. Every week we have a bit of advance notice of what is likely to be harvested, and I dive into my recipe sources to find new ways to cook both familiar and unfamiliar vegetables. So far (Week 5) we've had a wide variety of greens, herbs, carrots, fennel, and more to come! Each week Gretta sends us links to recipes from farm sources, and that has broadened our knowledge of other great farms in Massachusetts. Now that I'm a better cook (!) and cooking more often, I'm sharing delicious food with friends and neighbors.

Good produce is not my only benefit from Moraine. I'm volunteering on the farm a couple of days each week, for just a few hours each day, and this new experience is such a pleasure! I get to do work of value, and I'm meeting wonderful people: Gretta, Rebekah, Amy, Kim, and other volunteers. Gretta and her interns are all such attentive teachers and make me feel very welcome and appreciated.

Thank you Gretta, et al, for the good food and great volunteering experience.

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