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Bountiful Beauty
By: Constance MacLeod    (Jul 5, 2011)

My family and I are members of first year of the CSA at Moraine farm. We did not expect a heavy yield; however we have been very pleasantly surprised! Our weekly share includes plenty of veggies and herbs for our family of four for the week with just a little supplementing at the market for the boys' favorites. We are veggie eaters and have had plenty of greens for cooking and salads, root veggies, and herbs for snacking and meals. So far this year we have had Napa cabbage, green cabbage, kale, escarole, Swiss chard, kohlrabi, salad turnips, beets, baby carrots, summer savory, cilantro, parsley, basil, Thai basil, and scallions. It has been a great selection, and I am looking forward to what is still to come as we move through the season!

In late April my third grade class from Cape Ann Waldorf School visited the farm and Farmer Gretta taught us the farm safety rules and gave us a tour of the fields. She showed us interesting and important things, and pointed out a rare sighting of a fisher cat running from the field to the pond. We tended to the vital task of picking rocks out of the field. My class visited again to do a little more, and each time we were welcomed and felt like we were helping out.

When I pick up my weekly share I almost always see Amy, Rebekah, Kim, or Gretta in the fields or at the Ag barn. They are always friendly and helpful. I am so glad to have a share here, at Moraine farm CSA. I love knowing the farmers and where the food comes from, and it is all so fresh and delicious.

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Gorgeous produce
By: Kirstin Lindeman    (Jul 5, 2011)

We are consistently pleased with the quality and amount of produce we receive from Moraine Farm. We are a family of three and this is plenty of food for us. Since it is given to us the day of harvest, its longevity in the fridge is terrific. Nothing rots before we can eat it. We have had several opportunities to chat with Gretta and always feel welcome, even though I am certain she does not have enough hours in her day. I really can't say enough about how beautiful and flavorful the produce is. As Beverly residents, we are happy to have such a resource in our community.

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