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So Disappointed!
By:    (Jan 16, 2013)

I agree with the other reviews completely. The portions were awful and the product was sad, I went into this with so much excitement, but was so disappointed! There were no extras as stated. The communication was terrible and sometimes she would not have my shares out for the day. She always had some exuse as to why she didn't get it there and I tried so hard to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it was continuous along with frustrating. I pulled out about half way through the season and requested that Shelly reimburse me half of my money, which she agreed to and told me the check was in the mail. I still have not received a check and I have tried several times to contact her with no response. Shelly, I hope you read this review and mail me my check that you owe to me and my husband.

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Um, where's the food?
By: Kristy Varunan    (Aug 4, 2012)

I joined this CSA thinking it would be great, especially since it was close to my house. I paid for it in April, and then received no communication even after threatening them because I was sure I had been scammed. I was just about to report them through paypal when I finally got an email saying we would be starting soon. When I showed up the first week to collect my food, I couldn't find it. Apparently I thought I was going to the farm, but instead I was going to their mailbox where a cooler was sitting in the sun with my food. When I finally got my stuff, it was a pathetically small amount. One sandwich bag of greens, two radishes, a very small amount of herbs and a strawberry plant that eventually died because I am no good at growing things, which is why I paid someone else to do it in the first place. The second week was no better, even though we were promised the romaines were coming in nicely. I stopped going to pick up my food because it is honestly not worth the couple of dollars in gas to get a sandwich bag of food. And without the weekly newsletter we were promised, I don't even know what half the stuff is! Stay away from this farm, don't waste your money!

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No extras and very small share, no communication
By: Beth Sheehy    (Jul 29, 2012)

If you read the description for Green Dell Farm it seems like a great unique CSA. I decided to give them a try since my previous CSA was on hiatus this year. I completely understand that CSA shares are at the mercy of the weather. But as all those around me who belong to CSA's were hauling in bags and giant boxes of goods I was getting sandwich baggies and half a grocery bag-- Next to nothing really. When I signed up and read about the baked goods, candy and bath soaps I thought WOW this will be great. Now I'd expect if shares were light due to weather there would be a little bit of a supplement in other goods like these mentioned above. What I got instead was a strawberry plant (after strawberry season passed it's peak) a summer savory plant, and a few mint leaves--nothing unique. The produce I did get was DRY and just not high quality. It had obviously been picked at least a few days prior to delivery. I had to discard several scallions/onions because they were completely dried up. Also as far as business practices go Green Dell is really lacking. Basically NO communication. Doesn't answer the phone. Prefers emails, which is fine with me, but no response to emails sometimes for over a week. Offers home delivery and then changes the day of the week at the last minute. Makes delivery but won't leave items like eggs without a cooler but yet never tells you to leave out a cooler(since you never know what is coming or when) Says there is a newsletter but we only got one. All these things add up to frustration. Finally I was offered a refund which I gladly accepted and again it took more than 3 weeks for my money to arrive. Too many excuses and not enough product. There are plenty of great, well run CSA's and my best advice is to look elsewhere for one.

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Very Small Farm, with very small shares
By: Carol Metzgar    (Jul 26, 2012)

While I have not visited the farm, as they offer home delivery - which really sold me; I was very disappointed in the amount of produced I received with a full share. It was not 3-6 pounds of produce with 4-9 different varieties. Truthfully if this had been my first CSA experience I would never try it again. The produce wasn't enough for one member of my three member family. When I questioned this, tere was no solid explanation given as to why either; and I was getting the same as other members who had a lesser share. I understand weather can factor into the amount; but after seeing my other friends hauls with their CSA's I was shocked by what we were getting. I'm glad they did recognize my concern with a refund.

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