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Natural hand lotion bar
By: Sarah Smith    (Jun 18, 2014)

Thank you for this great product. I used it often this past winter. It was especially good In treating frost nipped cheeks and my nose after Running dog teams and setting trail here in Alaska.

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Bees Wax Hand lotion Bar
By: melanie sollenberger    (Apr 9, 2014)

I work with paper everyday. I open at least 20 reams daily. I use the Wise Farms Hand Lotion Bar to save my cuticles. It works so well. I love it and really appreciate their heart for quality and for people.

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The soaps are great
By: melanie sollenberger    (Apr 16, 2012)

I got several soaps from Wise Farm. They are the perfect shape for holding in my hand. The Lilac soap is really delightful. It is not too strong to fill the room, but it is a wonderful fragrance when you wash with it.

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Thomas and Margaret Wise says:    (Apr 17, 2012)

Melanie Sollenberger Thank you so much for putting in you reviews. You have been a great customer. Hope to see you again soon. Margaret and Tom Wise

Great Soaps
By: melanie sollenberger    (Mar 19, 2012)

I would like to hear more about your new line of soaps. I am interested, especially, in Lilac scents. So far the ones i hav tried are really great and everyone I blessed with a bar has raved about them.

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Quality and Customer Service
By: allison porter    (Sep 15, 2011)

Thanks Tom and Margaret for always taking such great care of my family. When we need something and don't see it on the table, you have always been willing to "go right out and pick it" as long as it was ready. I am so glad you are my neighbor! Excellent customer service... ALWAYS.

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Excellent Produce..
By: Liz V    (Sep 7, 2011)

After having read reviews, we decided to take a drive out.. We were so very pleased with their produce..The Wise farm has a very large variety.. The peaches were very tasty and made into a wonderful were the apples too.. The kale made a delicious soup.. Green peppers, tomatoes, onions oh my.. All grade A.. and very fresh.. They are very generous with portions as well..

It's surely worth the drive.. we're looking forward to a return trip.

~Liz V.

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Creative Products and Great Produce
By: Lauren Duewer    (Jul 10, 2011)

The man in the Hawaiian shirt and straw hat at the farmer's market has a variety of produce and a love for the farm. But what most surprised me was how much my friends love the handmade, natural broomcorn brooms made by Mr. Wise himself. So far I have bought 4 and I am having trouble holding on to the last one. Great for decoration and use. I also have to say the produce is fresh and delicious. And if you get the chance to buy/try any of their canned items - they are fabulous. I had never tried pickled okra, but now I am a believer. If you want friendly service, helpful ideas, and great recipes, I highly recommend the folks at Wise Farm.

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Your place to go for good produce in Whitley county
By:    (Apr 19, 2011)

Tom and Margaret put heart and soul into producing produce. They have always done it for themselves and are now going to share with everyone. This is the place to buy in Whitley county.

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