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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mini Miracles!
By: Christina Scalcione    (Jul 9, 2014)

Mini Miracles is exactly the type of CSA we were looking for. After failed attempts with other organic CSAs, we were reluctant to try another but we really wanted local, organic produce. I found Mini Miracles on the Local Harvest site and made a trip their farm. What a great place! I met many folks that work at the farm and other local farmers. I bought some produce in their store and was so impressed with the freshness and quality. Soon after, we signed up for the share and have loved it ever since! We get deliveries to our door every Friday (almost 18 miles from their farm - what a time saver for us!!!). The variety and quality of the produce is unmatched! We get a great variety of vegetables, fruit, and farm fresh eggs!

Also, Natalie is fantastic about working through vacation schedules. A quick email to her to let you know that you're out of town and that you want to double up the next week (or prior week) is all you need. What a great family! I happy we have them in our area!

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Julie Warren says:    (Jul 9, 2014)

I'm so glad to hear that others are having a better time of the vacation promises and follow-through. I sincerely wish we'd had an experience like yours, but were unfortunately treated much differently. It is relieving to hear others aren't having similar experiences though.

Thank you Mini Miracles for everything you do.
By: Amy Sharp    (Jul 9, 2014)

I've known Mini Miracles and the people who run it for several years. They are more than just a CSA; they educate, share, provide volunteer opportunities, and as long as I've known them, the Brookshire's have been nothing but professional, positive, caring, a pleasure to work with, and community-minded. What an asset to our community, nobody could take their place. I silently thank them every time I prepare a meal with the quality produce and products they provide. Thank you, Mini Miracles, for all the time and energy you invest to make my life and that of my family's better.

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Amazing Produce and Amazing Family
By: Dean Mallen    (Jul 9, 2014)

We have had a full member share for over a year now. 5 stars is not enough to rate about the amazing produce and service we get from Mini Miracles. Natalie, Joe and company are some of the kindest people you will meet and we are always greeted with a smile and pleasant conversation. The food is always super fresh and very tasty.

I started with Mini Miracles because the produce at the grocery store does not compare. The variety at Mini Miracles is great and I recommend it to anyone that starts asking about fresh fruits and veggies.

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By: Amanda Giles    (Jul 8, 2014)

I love how fresh the food is! The Mini Miracles team is organized, people-centered, and LOCAL. I appreciate their dedication to providing quality meats and vegetables to my zip code. Their food tastes better, is healthier, and organic. Couldn't be happier with their product!

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Best Produce in town
By: stephanie griffin    (Jul 7, 2014)

We have been CSA members at Mini Miracles Farm for a couple of years now. We have been thoroughly enjoying all the different varieties of produce and also the eggs. The weekly shares have been plentiful, fresh, healthier and taste so much better than store-bought. Pick up times are very convenient and Natalie and Joe have always accommodated any special requests. We love the CSA at Mini Miracles and will remain faithful members for years to come. This is the best kept "secret" in Taylors. We can only recommend Mini Miracles Farm!!!! The Griffin Family, Taylors, SC

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What a wonderful find!!!
By: Stephanie Bass    (Jul 3, 2014)

I reviewed Mini Miracles last July and wanted to post a new review to give it 5 more stars!!!

We couldn't be more pleased with the produce AND the staff there! Every week, they always have a smile on their face and always take the time to talk to all of the CSA members (and other customers). It is truly a friendly community atmosphere - and I couldn't be more happier to be a part of a local business that offers outstanding merchandise at a great cost.

We have been gone a few times for vacation - and per CSA policy - they always have a double order for me the following week when I get back. I appreciate that in order to receive the freshest produce possible. (instead of getting old produce from the previous week held for me). When I know I am going to be gone, I let them know ASAP and they write it down so that they are aware of when I will be gone.

My entire family looks forward to our pick up each week and the goodies that we will receive! Looking forward to many more seasons

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Excellent Place & Excellent People
By:    (Jul 3, 2014)

We have a full vegetable share with Mini Miracles and are looking into a meat share because we could not be any more pleased! Their pick up dates are all reasonable, and there is enough variety to find time to get your items. They're affordable, offering a large variety, and the vegetables are always delicious and fresh. I particularly enjoy the community atmosphere I get from going there- not just from the farm owners, the people picking up their share. I'm more than pleased with the farm and have (and will continue to) recommended them to many! We have a household of three and often have more than enough to feed all three of us, and enough variety to find something for everyone.

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Always friendly and accommodating
By:    (Jul 3, 2014)

We have been members at Mini Miracles for a couple of seasons and have been very happy with that decision. There is a nice variety of good quality produce and the staff are always friendly, helpful, and accommodating. Others whom we have encouraged to join have also been delighted. Mini Miracles is always willing to go the extra mile and we highly recommend them.

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