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Good Food, Good People
By: G. L. Mogford-Arellano    (Jun 30, 2012)

We started with the Koch Ranches CSA at the end of January 2012. The produce is always different and we look forward to seeing what we get every week. Meats are flavorful and have improved our meals. The service is great and Mr. Koch and his family are always helpful. We have recommended this CSA to many of our family and friends. We have enjoyed all aspects of our CSA experience.

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Good organic produce, healthy portions
By: Aaron Navarro    (Jun 29, 2012)

We recently joined the Koch Ranches CSA and have been pleased with the variety of products that they have provided each week. We have incorporated so much more fresh produce into our diet, which is worth the price alone. The fact that our young one can eat wholesome organic produce and grassfed beef is also a major plus. The pickup process is simple and we have recommended the CSA to several friends already.

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A member since Jan 2012
By: Michelle Bushey    (Jun 28, 2012)

We have been a member since January 2012. We are splitting a full share with meat with a neighbor. Being part of this CSA has changed the way we eat. It has stretched our palette through the variety of foods we get but also by the repetition, which is part of the deal if you want to eat locally and seasonally. We have discovered we like some foods that we otherwise never would have chosen at the grocery store. We eat healthier. We are less likely to go out to eat. I am more likely to make a salad when eating alone rather than pulling out a prepackaged frozen meal. The tomatoes and cucumbers we are getting now are especially great. The quantity, even with splitting a share, is more than enough for our three adult eaters. Eating organic vegetables, in season, is different from eating vegetables grown on mega farms in other areas of the country or even other countries. Except for chicken and fish, neither of which is included in the meat selection, I have not needed to buy meat in the store since last January. You do need to understand that grass feed beef and free range meats will not be as tender as grain feed beef or meat raised with minimal freedom. But the taste is better. The eggs are also terrific. I find the cost reasonable, even the registration fee. I've been so satisified that I helped my coworkers to organize to get enough new shares so that we can start a dropoff at work. I hope to continue to be a member of this CSA for quite some time. The quality, quantity and variety are great. I've seen pictures of some other weekly offerings on friend's pages on facebook. There is no comparison, this CSA is best.

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Wonderful Products Wonderful People and My Soapbox
By: Tamara B    (Jun 27, 2012)

My husband is retired military and we've joined many CSA's everywhere we've been stationed but this is by far the best meat CSA we have belonged to!

First the products: We are a family of five and purchase a full meat share. We are on our second 10 week sub-season and will be signing-up for our third. Their grassfed beef is the real deal, they do not supplement with hay or grain ever, even in winter. They also have other meats including lamb, boar, and goat. There are plenty of chops, roast, steaks, as well as different ground sausages, links, hot dogs, salami, and they even sell jerky and snack sticks. Each week we receive a great variety and I have yet to be disappointed with either the quantity or quality. I am increasingly grateful for the wonderful products I am able to give my family. There has not been a single thing that my children haven't liked and that's saying something! Though we do not currently get a veggie share we are considering it. They always display vegetables from the share at their booth and everything looks fresh and delicious.

The People: Mr. Koch and his daughter Cheryl are two of the nicest people at the market. Every time I have a question they always take the time to answer me, no matter how busy they are. Get a meat you think you think you don't like or haven't cooked before, talk to Cheryl, she's always happy to give you tips and pass along her recipes that are sure to please any palate. Every time we pick up our share we are greeted with a warm smile and two people who are extremely kind, not only to us adults, but to our children as well. My children always look forward to shaking hands with Mr. Koch and he and his daughter always take the time to talk and listen to them. That just speaks volumes to me about the type of people they are.

My soapbox: I think it's great to have a forum like this for people to share their opinions but I don't want the one negative review to discourage anyone who might be thinking about joining this CSA. I'd like to share some of the things I've learned about CSA's since we joined our first seven years ago:

CSA's often charge membership fees. Usually this fee pays for things like bookkeeping (these people pay taxes), a bag or container, and time (keeping track of members, and adding new deliveries takes a lot of time)

CSA's don't always issue refunds and some never do. CSA's are an investment and often the money is spent right away on seed, breeding, etc so there is nothing left to refund.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you sign up for a CSA you are helping farmers get the money they need when they need it so they can produce a better product for you.

Farmers work with the seasons so if it happens to be tomato season you'll probably get a lot of tomatoes!

It's a great investment. The products truly are worth more than what you pay, but you don't have to take my word for it. Stop by and chat with them, they'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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Great experience
By: Carolyn Pike    (Jun 26, 2012)

This is the second CSA in the San Antonio area I've tried, and I'm very happy with both the products and the people. I'm just finishing up my second sub-season and plan to re-up for the next one! The produce always looks great and the variety is good- I'm especially happy to get fruit in addition to veg. I get a mixed-half share which includes meat and eggs. The beef and pork are delicious and my bf and I have enjoyed trying some of the less common (to me) meats, i.e. lamb and goat. I'm also very happy with the professional way that Cheryl and her family do business. Unlike my previous experience, I get automatic receipts, I can pay with credit on-site, and communication is regular and prompt. I would definitely recommend Koch Ranches CSA.

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My First CSA
By: Chris McDaniels    (May 28, 2012)

I'll keep this short an sweet. I was visiting local harvest to recommend this CSA to yet another friend and I noticed the negative review. I want to make sure people get a chance to hear from a satisfied customer before they make their decision.

This is my family's first CSA experience and we love it so far. The quality and quantity is great for the money (I carry around a picture on my iPhone of my first pickup because people often don't believe me when I describe it). I used to go to the farmer's market and buy various items week to week, and this is by far more convenient and economical.

I signed up for the full mixed share. The meat is very high quality and constantly varied. I also love the seasonings they use for their different sausage varieties. There is nothing left for me to do except to heat it up.

It's great to be able to communicate with the people taking so much care to produce your food. Cheryl responds on email very quickly whenever I need to get in touch with her, and she's been very flexible with my hectic travel schedule (I'm in the military) and understands when I have to arrange for someone else to pick up my share. She sent out a survey at the end of the last season to get feedback from customers. Bottom line, if you're not happy with something and you let her know about it, she'll work to find a solution.

OK, so I violated my short and sweet statement, but it's hard to do when you're excited about such a great product. Thanks Cheryl!

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By: Mrs. Hart    (May 4, 2012)

I don't agree with the explanation that Koch ranches posted as to my review. I'm not posting the review to argue with her but to warn others to be careful who you spend your money with. I wanted to update today because of our disbelief that she would charge a $25 processing fee to refund. I suppose it is her right to charge for things like $50 sign up fee and $25 processing fee but we don't think it fair or good business. My husband AND I still feel quality and quantity of food was terrible and delivered wilted in garbage bags. many vegetables were beyond freshness and should have been picked sooner. As to her altering her delivery route, I am thankful but it was on her way home. We drove over 80 miles each trip and most times my husband AND I felt the cost of gas far exceeded the value of the vegetables. Refund was not what it should have been so we feel even more ripped off. $50 sign up fee. bad vegetables, refunded only 3 weeks back instead of the 4 weeks she should have and to boot she charged a $25 processing fee to send the refund. How much is a stamp these days? We don't feel that their excessive fees were fair. If we would have been satisfied with the products, WE WOULD NOT HAVE CANCELLED YOUR SERVICE.

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Jenna Rowlett says:    (May 28, 2012)

I was recently looking into finding a local farmers market when I found Hopefully it is offered close to your home. You do not get to pick what you want but it is fun to try new things. You pick up your basket every other week and can add on extras. Everything is reasonably price and quality has never been a big issue and quantity is just right for me plus one.

Terrible CSA
By: Mrs. Hart    (Apr 7, 2012)

The worst CSA I have ever joined. charged $50 just to sign up, who does that? Terrible quality quantity and variety. Got delievery 3 weeks and cancelled. Asked for refund and no reply whatsoever. spent a total of $300 for really bad quality vegetables. Most vegetables were over ripe, brussels sprouts were bitter, radishes spongy, and the rest was the same each week. Cabbage, Beets and lettuce. Poor variety. quantity of vegetables were extremely small and was not worth the 40 mile drive to even pick them up. Not real happy about giving them $300. Don't think this CSA knows what a real CSA is supposed to be. It's a total shame as I loved being a CSA member in the past. Guess I picked the wrong one this time.

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Cheryl Koch Ludwick says:    (Apr 24, 2012)

Wow, what a harsh review of our CSA! This woman cancelled her membership after joining mid-season and after I went out of my way to create a new delivery location to accommodate her since she lived so far from San Antonio and our regular delivery locations. She waited to do so (after business hours and via email) until hours before her 4th delivery, which was scheduled for Thursday morning prior to Easter weekend. Even knowing that we had altered our delivery schedule so as to take that weekend off, rather than waiting for my reply (see attached), which I wrote to her on my return to the office on Wednesday, she posted this ugly review. I refunded her remaining weeks and am offended that she questions MY ethics and slanders my product. Our shares during her tenure with us included between 10 and 12 different types of vegetables and herbs which included selections from the following: red cabbage, green cabbage, turnips with fresh greens, red beets with fresh greens, yellow beets with fresh greens, collard greens, swiss chard, rainbow chard, spring onions, black seeded simpson lettuce, red lettuce, spinach, radish, brussels sprouts, cilantro, rosemary & Italian parsley. Unfortunately, there are people who you will never satisfy and, in business, we all encounter them. I am only sorry that I am forced to defend myself against someone who doesn't herself understand that there are many different types of CSAs, here and around the country, and just because she didn't find one exactly like the one she had joined before, she was dissatisfied with ours. I welcome anyone to come by one of our farmers market booths to see what our weekly shares contain. Take a look at the freshness and quality of our product and judge for yourself whether this is the kind of CSA you would enjoy being a part of. I can assure you that this review is unwarranted and untrue. From: Cheryl Ludwick Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 6:34 PM RE: Easter Weekend CSA Pickup Lisa, My apologies for not responding sooner. I really did take the weekend off and am just now catching back up on email, etc. I am very sorry that you were disappointed in your share. Most of my members are overwhelmed with the quantity of produce and we are often asked for smaller shares. That there was not enough to meet your needs is regrettable. I'm sorry, too, that you felt the quality of our produce was not to your standards. I work very hard to provide you with product that is straight from the field and as fresh and flavorful as possible. I am left to wonder whether you had problems keeping them thus or if your dissatisfaction with our quality was based on something else. As to the variety, I can understand that you might be disappointed to receive duplicate items each week and although I try to plan our harvest to keep the shares varied, sometimes we are overwhelmed with the same crop for several weeks and must harvest it or lose its use altogether. It is a shame that you missed our broccoli and cauliflower which tapped out shortly before you joined and our late tomatoes (which we had into December). I should be able to get your refund out to you tomorrow. If you would be so kind as to share with me what your expectations were and how we failed to meet them so that I may serve my remaining customers better, I would appreciate your constructive criticism or suggestions. Again, I'm sorry that we were unable to meet your needs. Sincerely, Cheryl Ludwick -----Original Message----- Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 7:41 PM Re: Easter Weekend CSA Pickup Cheryl, We will not be meeting with you on Thursday at noon this week. Unfortunately we do not feel that your CSA meets The quality and quantity and variety of what a true CSA is. We would appreciate any refund if you feel so inclined. Thank you and best of luck in your buisness. Hartmans ---- "Ludwick wrote: > Dear CSA Members, > Both Quarry Farmers and Ranchers Market and Legacy Outdoor Market are > closed on Easter Sunday (April 8). Koch Ranches has decided to also > close our booth at Pearl Brewery Farmers Market on Saturday, April 7. > > So that we are able to have a family weekend, we are harvesting > earlier in the week next week and asking you to work with us to pick > up your CSA share on Thursday evening between 5 and 7 pm at one of the following locations. > We've tried to select locations that are spaced around San Antonio in > areas that will hopefully be convenient to most of you. If the time > or locations do not work for you, please let us know so that we can > try to make alternate arrangements. Please email me with your preferred pickup location. > Thanks much for your help! > Cheryl > > Alternate pickup locations, Thursday, April 5th, 5-7pm: [locations deleted]