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Bodacious Berries!
By: Carol Schwarz    (Jun 26, 2013)

Count on Farmer Lloyd and his wife to consistently provide lovely organic bodacious berries. I stock up and freeze 'em so I have 'em year round. It's a joy in life to look the person in the eye who grows your food. Lovely berries grown by lovely people. Thanks!

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Excellent Grapes!
By: Joe Hawkins    (Aug 9, 2012)

I enjoyed meeting Lloyd Schell yesterday at the Lake Ella Growers Market in Tallahassee. The muscadine grapes were beautiful, fresh, round and very tasty. I always enjoy spitting the seeds (sometimes I just eat them too) and crunching the sweet/tart hulls. Lloyd freely shared his knowledge and expertise with me and invited me to buy and enjoy his grapes.

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Hard works pays off for a great product!
By: Michelle Chandrasekhar    (Aug 18, 2011)

This is a beautiful farm with a nice variety of products. We saw it early in its beginnings; a great deal of hard work has transformed the place. This farm didn't happen overnight - a lot of thought, research, and experience went into creating Sunlight Organic Orchard. The owners are dedicated to bringing a quality, organic product to market using environmentally sound practices. You should ask them about how they reduce/reuse/recycle as much as they can!

Just witness the solar shed they built! The entire roof is solar paneling, it's amazing! But the fruit they produce is the real star. Best Muscadine grapes I can remember eating since I picked them wild on the banks of a creek in Ga. My son loves the blueberries and not just because they are gigantic but because they taste so good. And where else are you going to find mulberries? I can't wait to see how the wine(s) come out this year!

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