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This is the best milk commercialy available anywhere
By: Barbara Fisher    (Sep 9, 2011)

Snowville Creamery milk come from grass-fed cows who are raised completely on pasture. The protein and fat content and composition of this milk is thus very different from the milk you get from confinement dairies.

It's healthier for you to drink, and of course, it's healthier for the cows and the environment to raise cows on grass instead of on grain.

But that's not what people really care about when it comes to Snowville Milk. They care that it tastes amazing. It's the most flavorful milk you are ever going to find on a grocery store shelf anywhere. The heavy cream is amazingly rich, the whole milk is like half and half and the two percent milk tastes like whole milk. And it has amazing flavor--I can't really describe it--but it's just the best milk you've ever tasted.

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Best milk on planet earth
By: Leslie Schaller    (Sep 9, 2011)

Why would I say that --- well you need to taste real milk for a change! Warren and Victoria and all their staff bring great passion to their operation. Not only are they locally owned --- the plant is built on the dairy farmers farm -- The Brick owned by long-time local food champions Stacy Hall and Bill Dix.

Having this local dairy that adocates for farmers and our local food economy in Appalachia Ohio furthers our shared vision of creating a just, sustainable and resilient food economy for our community and region.

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Dairy the way it should be.
By: Daniel Trout    (Sep 9, 2011)

I used to think I was lactose intolerant. It turns out I was just "Bad Dairy Product" intolerant.

I have a friend who had moved to Indianapolis for a year or two. She came back to visit with friends, and happened to have some Snowville milk at a cookout.

No joke. She ACTUALLY burst into tears because she hadn't realized how much she'd missed it.

Can't say that I blame her. Snowville Chocolate Milk is one of the closest things to Nirvana I've found.

Yeah, it might seem weird being so excited about milk and dairy products. But if you think that, it's because you haven't tried it.

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The ONLY heavy cream I'll buy
By: Jessica Gardner    (Sep 9, 2011)

I am so grateful to Snowville Creamery for offering the only organic heavy whipping cream I can find in my area that has no additives! All of the other available brands contain carageenan, which I don't want. Snowville's stuff is pure, 100% lovely cream that makes excellent yogurt & ice cream!!

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Jessica Gardner says:    (Sep 9, 2011)

Oh! Same goes for the chocolate milk! Our other local, low-pasteurized milk supplier has a lovely chocolate milk that contains lots of not-so-lovely additives. So thanks again to Snowville for keeping it real!

Snowville Creamery is a fantastic option for milk lovers
By: Jessica Pachler    (Sep 9, 2011)

My family and I have been enjoying Snowville Creamery milk for over a year now and it is fantastic. Low-heat pasteurized, non-homogenized and at a price that is affordable to most, the milk tastes great and the company is very responsive to all questions and concerns. Their cream is amazing; we make all our own butter now using it. I love knowing where our milk comes from, seeing the cows that make it and the people who help. We go through a case a week and my kids can tell the difference now between real milk and other, high-heat ultra pasteurized milk. Our bodies can tell it as well. We are so grateful that they are in our lives.

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Love Snowville Creamery Products!
By: Judy Novak    (Sep 9, 2011)

I first heard of Snowville when I was down in Columbus visiting my niece at Ohio State, she worked at a Jeni's Ice Cream shop and there I learned that Jeni's uses Snowville milk and cream in their amazing ice creams!

So when I came across their products at a Heinen's up north in Cleveland I just had to try their milk and cream. When I bought the half gallon of heavy cream I was at a loss of what I was going to do with such a large amount. No worries...a recipe for home made butter was on the side of the carton!

Now I don't even buy butter anymore, I make it myself with Snowville heavy cream. It's the most delicious butter I've ever had. It adds such a richness to pastries, pie crusts, you name it. The whole milk literally has chunks of cream floating in makes the richest gelato and custards.

What I also love about Snowville is the fact they are local, use sustainable practices and they put up pics of their adorable cows and calfs every day on daily dose of cute ;)

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More please!
By: Jonni Lynch    (Sep 9, 2011)

We can't keep this milk in the house. We're lucky that its' delivered from our Green Bean Delivery service, here in Northern Kentucky. What you get? The kind of milk my grandmother got delivered to her doorstep each morning--there aren't any glass bottles, but there IS cream on the top--sweet, fresh, non homogenized, you know what cows made this. Also, keepin' it local. When we run out, we might supplement with a national organic milk and my 2 year old KNOWS. She leaves full cups of THAT milk everywhere, untouched, but Snowville is gone in seconds.

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