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Fun & Knowledgable People!
By: Johnny Appleseed    (Oct 19, 2012)

Love their products. Quality birds!

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neighbors from hell
By: mark mulready    (Aug 4, 2012)

these people are neighbors from hell they have tormented every neighbor in the area.

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Johnny Appleseed says:    (Oct 19, 2012)

Your comment is childish and un-neighborly. Enough with the passive-aggressiveness. Abide by the laws of the land, make amends and move on... I know "hayswaggintails" personally and not only do they abide by the laws, they seek to uphold the integrity of the beautiful land on which they reside and will not allow other neighbors to run amok just because they lived there first. Plus, they're really fun people!

James & Marlene Hays says:    (Nov 7, 2012)

So small in stature and small of mind and not really worthy of a comment given the source. Stop burning garbage, stop trespassing, stop illegally setting off fireworks which torment all of the farm animals (including the rescue operation across the street) "neighbor".

neighbor neighbor says:    (Nov 30, 2012)

Their motto, "don't tread on me". All they've done is tread on surrounding neighbors. They are not neighborly, they just want to bully people and call the sheriffs or DEC officers on neighbors, every chance they can. Mr. "DEC officer" Hays thinks he's above the law. He shoots trapped animals in have-a-heart traps at point blank range then tosses them into the garbage can. (Don't deny been caught). How about the time you tried to shoot a predator animal in your field from your back deck? They evade some taxes by hiding behind the farm exemptions however, then don't have the minimal requirement of USABLE acreage to be considered a FARM. Just get your field mowed once a year by an outsider and now you can call yourselves a commercial farm! ha ha They complain and threaten surrounding neighbors about their dogs when they occasionally get loose & cross over to their property, however their black dog torments the chickens on their neighbor's property. We were a tight knit side-road community until the Hays moved from the city. We embrace our neighbors for their strengths and weaknesses. The Hays do not tolerate much. In times of need, we are people that help each other out. The Hays will find themselves living on their lonely, little patch of land. Honestly, they need to move back to the "city"...oh that's right...they got run out of Malta.

neighbor neighbor says:    (Nov 30, 2012)

Oh, and this comment is for Mr. Jonny Appleseed. If you think they're FUN people...come over when the Mr. Hays is yelling obsenities at the top of his lungs and swatting his hat at his new pup. Waggin tails...ha ha. I'd hate to be his dogs...