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Healthy Harvest CSA is Great!
By: Kevin Abbott    (Mar 17, 2014)

We have been with Healthy Harvest CSA two summers now and I am really looking forward to the third. Dave and Sara do a wonderful job and improve on all the nuances of a well managed CSA. The fields are organized and interesting to visit on open days. The vegetables are always fresh and beautiful. We never are disappointed with quantity or quality. The distributions are a fun experience being set up like a market so you can see and make your choices. It is also an opportunity to socialize with the farmers and other members. Sara and Dave are always present and beaming with fulfillment of their excellent work.

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Amazing vegetables
By: Meagan Schipanski    (Nov 12, 2012)

Amazing sweet potatoes, beautiful red peppers, crisp lettuce, crunchy sweet peas, delicious green beans, and sweeeet carrots. Those are just a few of the reasons why we loved being a member of Healthy Harvest Farm this season. Sara and Dave are incredible farmers and just plain nice folks who really care about their members. Their free choice distribution system allowed us to take more of the things we love and a little less of the veggies that are not our favorites. We would often visit their webpage for the extensive list of great recipes. And, maybe best of all, our daughter was far more likely to eat her veggies if we told her that Sara and Dave grew them.

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Great People, Great CSA
By: Mitch Hunter    (Oct 12, 2012)

This is a great CSA! Delicious food, convenient pickups, lots of variety, and the most attentive help I can imagine from Dave and Sara. Every time we arrive, they have tips about the food, new recipes to try (which have been delicious), and a new effort to make the experience more convenient for us. Highly recommended!

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A Great CSA
By: Jen & Kevin    (Oct 8, 2012)

We first met Dave and Sara working with them at another farm about 8 years ago and were just thrilled when they had the opportunity to start their own CSA. So far we've been loving the vegetables we receive from Healthy Harvest Farm and we love the recipe choices that Sara puts out each week.

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Health harvest indeed!
By: Kelli Hoover    (Oct 8, 2012)

We've belonged to 3 different CSA's and Healthy Harvest is indeed the best of these. Dave and Sara produce a variety of great quality produce and the share is quite generous. They are also both there each week to greet us and chat. We will sign up again for next spring for sure! And we love the recipes.

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Caring for food, earth and family
By: mark davison    (May 12, 2012)

We met Dave and Sara when we were involved with another local CSA - they worked hard to bring good food to the harvest and to get to know all of the people involved with the CSA! We learned a lot from them as they shared their love of the land with us and helped us to understand how the food is grown and nurtured under their hands. We were really thrilled that they decided to start their own CSA and jumped on board! We think they are great caring people and support their efforts!

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Can't wait for 2012's Healthy Harvest
By: Jason Kaye    (Jan 20, 2012)

I have been in a couple of CSAs in State College, and my favorite by far was when Sara and Dave were the farmers. This is their family business and they really take pride in their work. Their produce is great and they are careful stewards of the land. Picking up the share is the highlight of my week because I get to catch up with Sara and Dave and hear about how things are going with the farm. They probably get tired of my questions, but they never show it.

One thing I really like about their approach is that they let you have some choices in what goes into the share. If you don't like beets (or your kids don't), no problem, choose something else that you like more. This cuts down on waste and makes the share a better value. I also like that that Healthy Harvest distributes all of their food to their CSA members. I have been in other CSAs that sell off their pristine produce to grocery stores and then offer the medium quality stuff to the CSA. I am glad that Healthy Harvest doesn't do that. It feels more like the real spirit of a CSA when you are buying an equal share of what's grown. I also like supporting young farmers who are committed to our community. I think it is the best way to take ensure that we will always have a good supply of locally grown food.

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a full recommendation
By: Sandy Lindenbaum    (Jan 18, 2012)

It was a pleasure getting food grown by Dave and Sara when they were farmers for a CSA in the past. It is a delight to look forward to what their own CSA will yield. It was always great picking food up from them: the food was great and we trusted absolutely that it was grown organically and with care, because Sara and Dave were completely trustworthy and their integrity absolute. Additionally, Sara and Dave were then as now always a treat to spend time with, full of goodwill, energy, generosity. I am glad to have joined their CSA, and recommend doing so without the least hesitation.

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