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Great CSA
By: Maegan Kiger    (Oct 2, 2013)

I loved my experience using this CSA this year (2013). The veggies and fruit were always great quality. If anything there was too much food! They had a few lean weeks in the beginning, but they always offered other items to make up for it. I loved it so much I am doing their special fall CSA, and can't wait for next year!

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2012 CSA
By: Aubri Drake    (Jan 16, 2013)

I participated in the 2012 summer CSA at Fair Weather Acres. I purchased a 1/2 share. While the people were friendly and we received a lot of produce, the quality was often lacking. We received beets and turnips that went bad within a week of getting them. Some of the green leafy veggies were already beginning to decompose by the time we received our box. It was an interesting experience and I will be seeking out a CSA again in 2013 but it will not be with Fair Weather Acres.

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Michele Collins says:    (Mar 20, 2013)

We are sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the CSA share. We keep an open line of communication and wish that you had let us know if you had a problem with the quality. We pride ourselves On the freshness and quality of our produce. We pick our produce for packing either the night before or the day of the pickup and pack it that day. Our feedack all summer was positive and we had not heard of any other issues. The few people that had a tomato that may have cracked in transport informed us and the produce was replaced immediately. Farming and CSA's are not infallible and we can only improve our service to the customers if we are kept informed.

Michele Collins says:    (Apr 3, 2013)

After this review was written, I was so upset I wanted to call you and talk a little about your experience. Upon further investigation, we have not been able to find you listed as a member last year. We searched all our files, CSA customer lists and billing information and your name does not exist even as a "shared" share. This is very interesting to me as your review was already so contrary to all the others. If you would like to speak further on this strange matter, please contact the farm directly and refrain from posting on Local Harvest.

I am enjoying my summer and the fresh vegtables
By: Dawn Swilling    (Aug 14, 2012)

My summer kicked off to a slow start. I didn't hear about the CSA until it had already started. I got in on week 6. I have been having so much fun trying different veggies and recipes. My favorite recipe to date was for the cranberry (shell) beans and feta. I would have never bought some of the veggies at the farm stand (like parsnips and purple carrots), but I am excited to try the recipe this week with both. I have enjoyed all the recipes from the weekly newsletters that I have prepared. The recipes are a great addition to the CSA. The Fair Weather Acres are doing a great Job and I love that it is so close for me. I will definetly join early for next year to get a additional savings, but I feel as though it is already such a great deal for what you get, IT IS ALMOST STEALING...

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Excellent CSA
By: Nancy Sivec    (Aug 9, 2012)

This is the first year I participated in a 19 week farm share. I am very impressed with the amount variety and freshness of all the produce I received. I will do it again next year and will encourage others. The people working there are very friendly and helpful.

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Great Farm and Friendly Staff!
By: Matthew Brown    (Aug 9, 2012)

My family joined their CSA this year and it has truely been a great experience. I've recommended it to all of our friends. The fruit and veggies are always fresh and they have plenty of variety. They provide a recipes each week to make sure we know how to prepare/cook the more unique veggies in each week's box. The prices are very reasonable for all extra items beyond the CSA. They have a great staff who are always helpful (I usually pick up my CSA with my 10 month old daughter and the cashier always offers to walk my box out to the car as my daughter is in my arms).

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