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Delicious Produce with great flexibility!
By: Mallory Scahill    (Jul 28, 2014)

This is our first year with Morse Family CSA, and so far we have been nothing but very happy with everything! The newsletters we get every week are great to read, the produce has been delicious, and Joe and Jolene are great to work with. My husband and I have weird work hours, so our availability to pick up our share changes every week. They make it very easy for us to find a time to pick up our share, and are always very friendly! We are very happy with our CSA share!

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Not Terrible, But Not Great
By: SJ    (Jun 25, 2014)

Tried Morse for the first time last year and was a bit disappointed overall. In addition to the weather issues discussed by other reviewers, our weekly pick-ups were disorganized and the quality of some of the produce we received was not very good. (They did have a lot of variety though.) It sounds like it was a particularly rough year which made for a poor first impression... but we just couldn't justify signing up for their CSA again this year when there are so many other high-quality farms/CSA programs in this area to choose from.

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Hoping for a bountiful 2014
By:    (May 8, 2014)

We just signed up for our second summer. Morse Family Farm was plagued with weather issues in 2013 and had to suspend the CSA a couple of times but extended the season well into the fall. We opted for pickup at the farm where Jolene always took the time to identify the items we'd never seen and share hints. She also kept us informed in her online newsletter, always responded to emails and was very accommodating when we went out of town and had to change our pickup. When the tomato blight broke my heart, Jolene put me in touch with another wonderful Wayne county farmer who was able to provide some wonderful small tomatoes for roasting & freezing. We're hoping that the weather cooperates this year and look forward to an abundance of herbs,veggies & fruit (mulberries!!).

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says:    (May 8, 2014)

I forgot my name...Stephanie Donaldson

Morse Family Farms - Hanging In There
By: Elizabethe Walton    (May 4, 2014)

This will be our third year with the CSA. They have great produce and a lot of variety. They deliver to local spots and offer the option to help out for a discount, which I really appreciate as I love the learning experience. Jolene is very knowledgeable and committed to the farm concept. It is a family project and All organic if that is important to you, and using heirloom seeds which is important to me. They have been really responsive to our concerns. It's true that last year wasn't the best year, but part of the commitment with a CSA is to share the risks that the farmers share. You also share in the bounty on a really great year. And the year before that we got more stuff than we could use and can. They are now offering a smaller share option for empty nesters. I am looking forward with confidence to the upcoming year.

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Great little farm
By: Zsuzsanna Marchl    (May 4, 2014)

We have been a member of Morse Family Farm CSA for 3 years now, and we did the winter share for the first time this year. We have been enjoying the variety and great quality of their produce and especially the flexibility and personalized care we get. We have been paying for home delivery which has been wonderful, coming home to a cooler full of fresh vegetables and eggs is great. We travel a lot and they have been very accommodating by adjusting our schedules. Last summer they had a flooding problem and had to suspend the CSA for a couple weeks, but were working very hard to make up later in the season. I especially appreciated the fresh greens in the winter share, and found myself missing the tender turnips and fantastic winter salad greens after it ended.

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Caveat Emptor
By: Ryan Jamison    (Aug 26, 2013)

We went to a CSA fair, and gathered tons of information on local CSA's, and Morse was one of them. After a long process, we selected Morse because of the price, and variety of vegetables they offered. It was too good to be true.

The season started off rocky, because of all the rain we had here in NY. Lots of fields got flooded which destroyed some crops, and delayed planting on others. I was understanding when they told us our CSA would be stopped for 3 weeks, and started again. I was compassionate.

Then, a couple weeks later they announced they would have another stoppage for 5 weeks. With no explanation. We hadn't had bad weather, or some kind of catastrophic drought, they simply just needed to stop for a while. We emailed them asking why, and they didn't even respond to us. Instead, they put a blurb in their weekly newsletter to seemingly address all the other angry emails they got all at once. It was pretty generic "we're sorry for the inconvenience" crap, and that they would be resuming soon, and would extend shares into the winter.

I don't want an extra 5 weeks of winter vegetables and greens. I want the summer vegetables I paid for. I felt like this violated our agreement. When we pressed them for our money back, again we got a boilerplate response of "you knew the terms of the contract, no refunds."

Maybe I shouldn't expect award-winning customer service from farmers. I figured the relationship between farmer and CSA member would be a little more intimate, and understanding.

When we did receive the vegetables after the stoppage, the greens were sickly and half eaten by bugs. This is also true of just about every other vegetable in the csa. This seems to be the trend since the beginning of the csa. The season isn't yet over and I hope the quality and quantity improves, but I highly doubt it.

Don't give them your money, there are much better and more deserving CSAs in rochester.

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