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Family Farm Day!
By: Sarah Charles    (Sep 26, 2013)

I have participated in Humming Star Alpacas Family Farm day for two years and I am in love with this beautiful farm! It is such a nice event. My kids look forward to it every year! The cool thing is that not only do you get to visit with the amazing alpaca but you also get to see the whole fiber process from start to finish and try your hand at some of it. You can brush the alpaca fiber to line it up just right and then watch the spinners spin the fiber onto a spool. They have many local natural crafters teaching about their crafts...bee keeping, soap making, paper making, wood burning, needle felting, gardening etc... it gets better every year. Great handmade gifts to buy and a wonderful learning experience for the whole family! Cheryl and Andy make you feel so welcome, they have really fostered such a warm and friendly community around this event - you really feel like part of the family from the start. I highly recommend this event, adults and kids will definitely enjoy!

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My Dads wish.
By: gina langham    (Sep 1, 2013)

My dad is in end stage renal failure and as I was taking him home after dialysis one day he said that he wanted to see alpacas before he died. (His words). I contact Hummingstar farm and Cheryl invited me to suprise my dad with opened arms. She and her husband Andy are awesome. They allowed us over even though they were having a family birthday party. They took the time to explain the process of shearing to finished product. The fleece is unbelievable. So very soft and as I have now read up on alpacas, it was once used for Royals because it is softer than cashmere and warmer than wool. Andy and Cheryl are very passionate about their farm and enjoy sharing their love of the farm and especially their love of the alpacas. It is a must EXPERIENCE for any age.

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Awesome Fertilizer
By: Holly Logan    (May 25, 2013)

My little backyard garden was struggling. My cucumbers were especially struggling from an unexpected cold front and my herbs were just there.

I got a 5g bucket of the alpaca bean and wow! I just mixed it into the dirt so it reached the roots and everything started to grow - tomatoes, cucumbers, basil and watermelon - among a few other plants.

We also had a patch in the front yard that needed new grass. We previous laid down grass seed and nothing. This time we used the alpaca bean and in less than a week we were already seeing sprouts.

I will definitely start with alpaca beans for next year's gardening.

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Awesome visit at Humming Star Alpaca Farm in Silverhill, AL
By:    (Dec 14, 2012)

My family visited this sweet, beautiful alpaca farm for the first time and definitely not the last, this past week! It was amazing! The owners, Andy and Cheryl were so gracious and welcomed us with open arms to share their beautiful animals. My son who is four did not want to leave and when we did, he said he wanted one for Christmas and wanted to visit again! They are so gentle and will let you pet them...we even got to feed them which my son just LOVED! Andy and Cheryl answered lots of our questions about the alpacas and we learned a lot of interesting facts about them! They also have a small store with items available to purchase that are made from alpaca wool. Of course, the first thing I touched was a pair of ladies socks that were so soft I just had to have. I wore them the next day and my feet were in heaven...not only are they soft but they kept my feet warm as well! I'll definitely have to purchase more on my return to the farm. We also bought my son a stuffed lion made out of alpaca wool and he sleeps with it every night. I encourage anyone who lives in the area or visiting to go spend some time with Andy and Cheryl and their beautiful alpacas...I guarantee you will love it and want to visit again!!!

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Camp Humming Star
By: Sarah Geiger    (Jun 22, 2012)

My children attended Camp Humming Star. This camp was one of the best ever. It was educational and fun. They attended camp for three hours a day in a safe and family oriented atmosphere. They interacted with the animals as well as learning how to care for them. They learned the process of how they alpacas are sheared and it's hair is made into yarn. They also learned how to wet felt and needle felt. They learned about gardening and insects A's well. There were children of all ages that attended. Which was a great mentoring opportunity. We really enjoyed this experience and cannot wait for next years opportunity. It was EXCELLENT age appropriate fun and learning in a place where you DID NOT have to worry about what your children were being exposed to!

I highly recommend the Humming Star Alpaca Farm to families and schools. It is an experience of a lifetime!!!!!

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Camp Humming Star
By:    (Jun 14, 2012)

Humming Star Farm is a clean, safe environment with lots of creative and interesting activities for children (and adults). This is one camp I did not want to leave my children at because I wanted to stay and join in the fun! The camp is run by loving, highly qualified staff with small groups of multi-aged children. It is a wonderful balance to foster mentorship and responsibility with different maturity levels. The experience is very unique and well worth the drive. We look forward to future visits to the farm, and will miss our wooly friends dearly until next time. We love Humming Star Alpacas!

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Down on the Farm!
By: Talia Lumpkin    (Jun 9, 2012)

This alpaca farm is down a sweet little dirt road, Blueberry Lane, with a serene setting of beautiful farmland all around. When you visit, you feel at peace and will most likely yearn for the simple things in life. Owners, Andy and Cheryl, offer many educational opportunities such as field trips, family farm events, and classes such as spinning, crocheting and knitting. I participated in a spinning class last fall, which was so much fun, and now I am on the hunt to find my first spinning wheel! I have also attended a family farm day in which many local crafters come together and display their goods while offering demos on how they make their products....things such as honey, soaps, aromatherapy, handmade knitted and crocheted items, etc!! Take time to visit these sweet, furry creatures and learn about their way of life and the many avenues of creativity their fleece offers. As a knitter, alpaca fleece is my favorite to knit with...the most luxurious!

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Product End-User
By: Tuck Bowen    (Jun 6, 2012)

I work at Waterfront Rescue Mission in Mobile, AL and I bring alpaca beans here to use on our vegetable gardens and on the ornamental ground cover. The beans are easy to broadcast and they supply all the nutrition the plants seem to need.

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