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Very clean produce with great taste
By: Kaye Shelton    (Apr 25, 2012)

We have really enjoyed the produce that we have gotten at Sunny Point Gardens so far. The onions, radishes, and lettuce have a different taste that is wonderful. I am sure that it is because no chemicals and pesticides are used in any way to raise the produce. The produce is also the cleanest you will find. Their produce requires less cleaning and that is a time saver. We can't wait until other produce is available. You will also enjoy getting to know the owners of Sunny Point Gardens. They are a great family.

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Great clean veggies!
By: Cindy Whittle Manley    (Apr 24, 2012)

I was pleased to find Sunny Point Farm at my local farmers market. Their vegetables were raised free from chemicals and pesticides. The flavor of the lettuce, onions, and radishes was amazing! They are a family business raising clean produce and adding to our community! I will visit them on a regular basis!

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Great greens
By: John Thompson    (Apr 23, 2012)

Thanks for the produce, Sunny Point Gardens. This is the way vegetables were meant to taste. Even my children commented about how much they like their salads, and that's unusual for my picky kids. Y'all keep growing that organic goodness!

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