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My Favorite Watermelon
By: Darryl Van Kirk    (Jun 29, 2013)

Crimson Sweet melons are just about the sweetest melon ever. They are easy to raise. I like to straw the area to reduce weeds and hold in water. Mover your melon patch each year for best results. A few plants and you'll have plenty of melons to share with friends.

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By: All Year Garden    (May 24, 2012)

Yields like crazy, by all means get some for your vegetable garden! Very sweet and juicy.

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Delicious heirloom beans but bacterial infection a problem
By: Monica Reinagel    (Jul 29, 2011)

The borlotti beans that I ordered were delicious, as promised. Unfortunately, we had big problems with baceterial infections which our extension service suspects was from infected seed stock. So, sadly, we cannot save any to grow next year (they will also be contaminated).

One suggestion: the beans came with very little information. Plant spacing and days to harvest would be helpful.

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Black Krim
By: Stefanie Ward    (Jun 10, 2011)

These tomatoes are wonderful. Here in Houston, Texas, they grow quickly and taste wonderful. I think it has a slightly smoky, rick taste. They are very juicy and are so good on their own, I hesitate to put them into a salad. I want to enjoy the plain tomato!

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Lilliput Zinnia see
By:    (Mar 13, 2011)

My brother told me last yr to order THESE seeds.....from THIS SITE!!! Obviously, HE loves this site and is very satified!!! I wish I could say the same. Although I tried to get these EARLY in the season, I STILL HAVE NOT HEARD A WORD ABOUT WHEN THEY SHOULD BE READY. Please, please let me know asapl I have a bad back that is doing much better and I think I can get these in the ground before I start hurting againl

thank you in advance, Debbie Bahm

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Pamela Morgan says:    (Mar 29, 2011)

Debbie, I am sorry that the Lilliput Zinnias were out of stock. We are not a large commercial farm so there are times when we do run out of seed from the previous year. Since we are such a small farm though we can guarantee that every one of our products have been handled with tender loving care. If you email us at, we will answer any other ordering questions that you may have. Thank you for the feedback and again we apologize for the inconvenience.

Italian Bortolli Bean seed
By: Kathy Hackleman    (Dec 20, 2010)

We had borlotti bean salad in England (wine vinegar and oil dressing) and they were the most delicious beans we both have tasted. So we are hoping to grow them in Indiana next year. We were excited to find them in the USA.

They grow VERY tall so they need high stakes but they are well worth it. When cooked the red turns a gray purple. Don't let the color fool you---they are delicious.

I'll let you know next year how the beans grew here.

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taste review
By: don detonancour    (Jul 5, 2010)

pepper with some pizaz !!! soup to meat and just about anything. great flavor.

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Satisfied customer
By: Alison Nore    (May 15, 2010)

I live in Alaska and have ordered many plants. This was the most well taken care of plant I have ever received. I ordered a Mandaviilla. It was shipped out the day after I ordered it and got here in about 3 days. It was packaged very well, looked healthy,and soil moist. Other companies could really use some tips from these guys. I would certainly order from them again. It is really appreciated to get exactly what is described when you palce an order. Thank you Mississippi Moon Naturals.

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