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One of the real people
By: Robert Allen    (Jul 25, 2014)

I've worked with farmers and ranchers all of my career and Todd is one of the real caring types. He puts into his produce the love and food that makes his products as healthy as they can be. Working with him is like working with a best friend, whatever you need he works to achieve it. Needless to say, the meats and eggs are fantastic,

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Excellent Food and Customer Service
By: Janis Zurilgen    (Jul 22, 2014)

First, Todd at Turnerkelley Farm is an amazing person. Not only does he produce a delicious set of products, but the way he does business makes me WANT to support his farm in every way I can. He is transparent with all of his practices (Treats all of his animals humanely), eager to share his knowledge, and very accommodating. For example, he gave us a full tour of the farm, let us participate in processing our own meat birds, let us choose the cuts we wanted for our sides of beef and pork, and let us make special arrangements for pickup. In fact, the first time we bought chicken, he delivered it to our doorstep. He let us be as involved in the process as we wanted to be and made us feel like an important customer. Needless to say, the chicken, beef, and pork were all by far better than anything I have ever bought at a conventional supermarket. The beef especially was tender and flavorful. Todd delivers a perfect package for his local supporters.

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Awesome Eggs!
By: chris Bender    (Jan 2, 2014)

We love the eggs and appreciate the delivery option. Just signed up for a bi-weekly delivery and couldn't be more excited!

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Excellent Quality Eggs
By: JSam Sam    (Feb 27, 2013)

I searched this farm through local harvest hoping to purchase some pastured eggs. I'm strict about the condition the chickens are kept in and the feed they get. I was pleasantly greeted and welcomed to take a look around. Everything was extremely fresh and I had high expectations for the eggs. The eggs are extremely yellow inside and taste AMAZING. What a great experience.

I just wish the Weberstown Mall farmers market carried these eggs instead of the ones out there (which aren't even pastured).

The only thing I'd say was a little inconvenient was the trip out, but it's something I'm very willing to do considering the superior customer service and pastured eggs!

Highly recommended.

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Free Range Eggs
By: Katharine Kennedy    (Apr 11, 2012)

I've been getting free range eggs from Turner Kelley Farm bi-weekly for about 2 months now. My husband and I really enjoy there eggs. They are really fresh and tasty. Love the darker color yolk, way better than store bought eggs. If you live close by, they will deliver to your house. It is so nice since we have a 10 month old. We are so excited to try there free rang chickens next! I highly recommened giving them a try if your in the area.

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By: Zach Thompson    (Apr 11, 2012)

Turner Kelley Farms have been providing our family with eggs for some time now. Their eggs are the best in the business. We also ordered a few of their pastured chickens last year and they didn't disappoint, the meat was AWESOME! The farm is open, free and clean. I would recommend to anyone in the area, try their products.

Thanks again fer your commitment to raising quality food.

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