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Far Wind Farms have the greatest eggs!!!
By:    (Feb 16, 2012)

I was looking for chickens who were fed NO antibiotics, hormones, and were GMO free and who were free range...also hoped they were not fed soy feed and were able to graze on worms and grubs. Well, Far Wind Farm filled the bill! The eggs are fresh, delicious and so much better tasting than store bought eggs. In speaking with the owner, she says her chickens are "loved." In viewing pictures of the farms, the chickens are cuddled by humans and even nuzzled by the family cat. I believe this love is passed on to our bodies and better utilized as opposed to factory chicken eggs where the chickens have no quality of life. I am so grateful to have found these eggs! Marie Ford PS I rate this farm a 5 star, but for some reason, clicking the stars didn't take!

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fresh eggs
By: joanne Murphy    (Feb 14, 2012)

There is nothing better than FAR Wind Farm fresh eggs. I never have a worry because they are immaculately cleaned. Compared to store bought eggs...well there is no comparison...fresh eggs are superior in every way!

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Best Eggs Ever!!
By: mary beth jones    (Feb 14, 2012)

I personally am not a big egg eater. My eleven year old daughter however, loves eggs. I have been researching organic products and found a cage free chicken farm nearby. I visited the farm and was impressed about how well the chickens are taken care of. To be honest, the farm is very clean and the chickens are beautiful!! I was extremely impressed. We brought a dozen eggs home. My daughter was a little hesitant to try the eggs but when she did she stated that "They are the best eggs ever!!" She absolutely loved them!! My sister also tried them and loved them. I did take a little taste and I agree with my daughter...they are the best eggs ever! We will not be going back to store bought eggs!! I highly recommend this farm and their eggs.

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Cage free eggs
By: Kimberly Orlich    (Feb 14, 2012)

I was always buying my eggs at the grocery store until I tried some of the cage free eggs. Ever since I have not eaten any store eggs I stick with the Cage Free Eggs. I have friends who went to eating cage free eggs as well and wont go back to the store bought eggs. You can tast the difference in them and very good I must say. They have deep yellow yokes and thick whites. One thing with cage free eggs is that you dont have to worry what is being put into the eggs before they go on the shelves. Cage free is cage free! I tell everyone least try it once and see what they think and they go over to the cage free eggs.

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