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Awesome Apples!
By: Deborah Barber    (Jan 17, 2014)

We have been shopping at Samascott's for years, but I want to finally share my excitement about their apples, cider and other products. I just got two bags of apples for crisp and pies. I picked out all different varieties, many I never heard of before. As I peeled and sliced these gems, I tasted a slice from each one. They were all soooo different, sooo good! One was absolutely to die for, but I'm not sure what it was, specifically. Anyway the crisp I wade was so good for all the varieties of different apples. I can't wait to bake pies! Their apple cider, made on their own farm from their own apples is soo good! It's really cider, full of flavor from those lovely mixed apples. Dark and full flavored, you'll never want to drink that watery stuff that is found on all the others' shelves. You can shop at the farm, or visit them at so many farmers' markets! You should do this!

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