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Big Fan
By: Kate Stafford    (Apr 10, 2013)

I have been enjoying meat and eggs from Cedar Valley for a number of years now. I found them in an effort to reduce the hormones and antibiotics in my diet of grocery store based meat items. I never anticipated it tasting so much better. I've been a life long hater of pork chops and hams. Until now. I love it when I get pork chops in my share - it's my favorite offering. The chickens actually taste like chicken. The eggs always have the most beautiful colored yolks. Highly recommended!

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Cedar Valley Fan
By: Tom Mayers    (Apr 9, 2013)

We have been a member of the CSA for Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm for a number of years now ever since Beth graciously attended a Sustainability Fair my company was holding. I have to say we've always been delighted with our monthly share - the quality of the meats are far superior to what you'd buy at the supermarket - chicken with actual flavor! And it's great to know where it's coming from and that the animals were well looked after. Plus we get to support a great local farm and family!

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Another satisfied member
By: Andrea Charest    (Dec 16, 2011)

I have been a CSA member for years now and love it. It is wonderful to taste natural meat that has so much flavor people ask your for the recipe, even though all you added was salt and pepper. I have so much more respect for meat now that I know the family that works so hard to create it. I use every little bit. Nothing goes to waste and we savor all of the flavors. I couldn't never go back to grocery store meat. CVSF has permanently changed the way my family eats, for the better.

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Great meat and eggs!
By: Heidi Haverkamp    (Dec 13, 2011)

The eggs from CVSF are amazing - golden orange yolks and jus delicious. Our friends and family can't stop talking about them. We often share, since the two of us can't eat 2 dozen eggs in a month, but it's fun to share the wealth.

The meats have been excellent. You do have to be ready for chicken with less meat than those jumbo monsters at the grocery store, and that isn't tenderized to a sponge-like consistency. So, it's a bit more chewy, but the flavor is incomparable. Just divine. We also loved the chops, ground meats, steaks, and beef stew meat. And receiving items like ham hocks, flank steak, and pork shoulder inspire us to be more creative, so we've discovered some neat new soups, Mexican dishes, and quiche recipes (to use up all those eggs!).

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Great meat and eggs
By: John King    (Dec 1, 2010)

This is our first CSA and we have been very happy with Cedar Valley. The eggs are great; one of my daughters refused to eat eggs any way except hard boiled (and then only ate the whites) but she loves these ones scrambled on the first try.

The chickens are smaller then you would get from the grocery store (I assume due to the way they are raised), but they are very flavorful when cooked and aren't salty or tasteless at all, something that I do find with grocery store chickens.

The pork chops are the best I've ever had the beef is also top-notch.

The share sizes are larger than I expected and, while not a bargain, are very good value for the amount you get. Depending on how many people eat the share, you may need to supplement on the eggs but unless you eat meat every night you should need minimal outside meat buying for 2 adults.

If you are considering a meat CSA, I highly recommend Cedar Valley. Beth and Jody are very accommodating and helpful and the food is great

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Can't beat this meat
By: Rose Mcguire    (Nov 10, 2010)

I was apprehensive at first about paying the 3 month share up front for untasted meat, but am so glad I took the "risk". The first meal was a whole roasted chicken - and it actually tasted like chicken - not what i was used to before. Everything that followed was wonderful tasting, and nice to cook with. I just purchased a side og pork and a 1/4 of the milk and meadow beef, and will post on the bulk purchase later - but I will miss those eggs in the monthly share!

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Flavorful beef
By: Julie Barton    (Nov 3, 2010)

We got a quarter of a cow from Cedar Valley a few weeks ago and have loved the meat. We've made steaks, bolognese sauce, tacos and a beef ragu from the meat so far and it's all been great. The flavor is so much better than what you get from the grocery stores. The only problem we've had is stopping ourselves from eating beef every night.

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By: anna seesee    (Feb 22, 2010)

We just joined Cedar Valley's meat CSA last week and got our first share on Saturday.

I definitely feel like I got my money's worth, and we've already eaten two of the products: a package of ground beef and a whole chicken. We ate both of them relatively unadulterated and un-dressed so we could get a taste for the meat, and they were both delicious.

Communication and transactions were fast and friendly, and I'm recommending Cedar Valley to all of my friends!

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