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Yes. Good. Me like.
By: Rose Wheeler    (Jul 26, 2014)

Mr. Carter's beef is fantastic. It surpasses any other bovine flesh I've feasted on in my entire life. I crave it every day. When my freezer is full, my rejoicings cannot be contained. When I run out, I weep, and my freezer mourns. Just to smell this beef cooking is a joyful experience upon which I encourage you to embark. I intend to be a customer of Windy Hill Grassfed Beef for as long as I live in the general surrounding geography, or until I have the ability to raise my own beef.

Mr. Carter himself is always pleasant, friendly, and more than fair. I have not yet made the 2 hour trip to visit his farm, but I hope to in the near future. He has always been sure to make me feel that I am a highly valued customer, and he has certainly gained my loyal patronization.

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Repeat Customer
By: Dale Spaht    (Dec 13, 2013)

The beef that is produced at Windy Hill is superb. Knowing where your food comes from, and the product you receive is not loaded with hormones and growth enhancing antibiotics, makes this about the best deal around. I am on my second purchase, and will continue to purchase grass fed beef from Shawn. Having the flexibility to order 1/4, 1/2, or a whole, makes it great for any budget. Shawn is great to deal with, and is eager to answer any questions you might have. He even gives out information to help people that are new to cooking with grass fed beef, get the most out of their meat. He also has the meat double wrapped to give you the most protection during the storage of your beef. Having the beef processed locally at the Oswego Locker is a benefit also. They do a superb job and process your meat exactly to your specifications. I am defiantly telling all my friends about the quality of the beef that you can get at Windy Hill Grassfed Beef. Give Shawn a call, you'll be happy you did.

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Excellent Beef
By: Andre Bledsoe    (Nov 14, 2013)

Me and my family are very pleased with the beef purchased from Windy Hill. I had already purchased 1/2 beef here in Wichita and noticed the ad of Shawn @ Windy Hill and spoke with him and he was very pleasant and helpful to talk to. I decided to purchase 1/4 of beef and I am glad I did. The flavor is superb. There is a learning curve to preparing this fine beef and I'm finally getting it down. Over dinner one night, my 8yo son discussed with me how the process goes with the raising of the cattle then the butchering process (he wasn't so fond of), and then the cooking/grilling process :-) He eventually told me that I needed to tell Shawn "He did a good job and tell him to Do More" lol.... So I will continue to look forward to purchasing from Shawn and I also truly appreciate the processing done at the Oswego Meat Locker, can't say enough about how great they are also. Thank You

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By: Little Red Homestead    (Aug 26, 2013)

This was our first purchase of grass-fed beef and we are definitely sold! Everything we've tried has been excellent, the cube steak/burger/steaks are superb, and there is an absolute difference in this product vs. store bought. Windy Hill made our first purchase of grass-fed beef an excellent experience, and we will continue to support Windy Hill and all of our local farmers! Thanks again!

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Wonderful beef!
By: Dianna Kearns    (Aug 5, 2012)

This is my second season buying beef from Windy Hill- We couldn't be happier! Not only is the beef amazing, the packaging and preparation from Oswego Locker is also just worth raving about. We buy quarters and it lasts my family of 5 for 6 months, however it all depends on how you want your beef prepared from the locker. I can't say enough about how happy we are to have found a grass fed beef provider near us in Kansas. We are their biggest fans!

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